If you're spending more than 6 hours a day grinding instances

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Wine, you’re a nice person, but I’m really surprised you couldn’t tell my OP was just a troll. I thought it was obvious.

As for Blizz’s methods of policing the game, I’m going to have to assume they’ve got more data on this than we do. Their resources are limited on how much manual bot-fighting they can do, and they’ve said that the bots are going to be more persistent than Blizz can be - the botters are literally making a living off of botting. A manual solution to an automated problem won’t work, they’ll simply be outgunned. They have to apply automated / programmatic solutions. The 30 a day instance cap is part of that.

I believe the 30 a day instance cap is account-bound, so hopping realms will not work. You’d have to switch accounts. Certainly doable, but certainly cuts into the botters’ profits as accounts are not free.

This is a good point about time wasted. And honestly, I liked classic because I could farm something all at once and not have to have it time gated. I hated later xpacs for the time gating of rep and gear. Time gating is a terrible argument for this instance cap.

I just want you to see these two things. You see how you don’t want to be judged but you’re judging other people?

And btw its not “a day” its “days I can” which I don’t think you should limit people if they want to every day, but definitely not if they can only on some days.

I could tell it was a troll, but it just got to me. Because there are so many people who think what you said, and it needs to stop.

Again, you’re taking my OP way too seriously. It’s an online game. Trash talking is part of it.

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Oh I almost forgot, just because you said you assumed, they announced in the blue post it’s per realm, not account, so you can absolutely realm hop.

I assumed this was how they were catching them. it’s because they are watching the realm hoppers.

We are all allowed to have our opinions about this. (Oh no, I’m not a coder so how can I have an opinion about this?) Well, everyone else does so why not me too? I think there is a different/better way to catch them than to actually change classic and limit current players. And this is coming from someone who is not a no changes person.

It also seems like based on what I’ve seen on these forums that people here just hate the way other people play, which is a terrible reason to change something. IMO

“FUN DETECTED - MUST SQUASH” - Blizzard 2020

It doesn’t take 6 hours to hit 30 instances. Inform yourself.

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what a sad, casual experience. In BC I tried to do all the heroics in one day but got tired 20 hours in…

Correct. It does not.

I imagine it’s extremely difficult to fight the bots. There’s a profitable black market for what the bots are selling, and a computer program can run circles around a human being when it comes to this sort of thing. Look at how hard prohibition failed because of the black market for alcohol (or drug prohibition because of the black market for drugs) and then imagine that the people who were peddling booze and drugs weren’t people at all but computer programs that never have to eat or sleep and any time you catch one a new one pops up for a few bucks.

Wrong. I play primarily on Saturday. I reach the cap easily. Have a problem with that?

Funny you brought up prohibition, the thing that failed lol. But yes. And frankly, if it is bots, all the more reason not to hurt actual people. You could continue to limit and limit and limit and never stop it.

Depends, are you going to whine about it?

I will complain about it on the forums, yes. The only one whining here is you with your troll OP post.

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Uhh 5 an hour is max …so you hit 5 every hour that is a minimum of 6 hours …seems to me like you are the one that needs to “Inform yourself”…

If you are trying to tell people how they should spend their time you need to re-evaluate your life. Here are other things you can do:

Stop being a scumbag
Worry about yourself
Get off the forums


ya rekt him

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I know you’re undead, so your brain is rotting, but I’m talking about played time.

I can very easily do 5 instances in under an hour. I am not farming dungeons non-stop for 6 hours.

Even if I were, though… who cares? It’s none of your god damn business how I spend my time.

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I agree on this 100% I wasn’t arguing that …But in 6 hours you can reach 30 …You may not be doing instance the whole time but it does take 6 hours to reach the 30 is all I was saying…I agree though this change is stupid and have no idea what they made it.

all I was saying is it does take 6 hours minimum to reach the 30

Right, but that’s not what the OP said.

“If you’re spending more than 6 hours a day grinding instances”