If You're Not With Us, You're Against Us

you diddnt really understand what sabetha said there did you?

people can click their portrait and switch characters real quick to something that is not their main character and post with 0 posts just to troll with a topic knowing that its a sore spot.

but ya im fairly sure youre just trying to rile up people and not listen to counter points and selectively pick out bits and pieces of posts to further your agenda so i think youre trolling.

enjoy that i guess.


I don’t personally make a new thread without learning anything about the forums. Anyone who does kind of deserves it.


No they are a troll because they are often violating forum rules and the first post they make is asking for changes to what is supposed to be an authentic recreation.

What do you think would happen if i went to general discussion and posted a thread about making modern world of warcraft more like classic with changes like removing LFD and LFR, permanent no flying, and making classes less balanced?

I would be labeled a troll.


No, but you can come in and talk on existing topics before posting your own threads.


I’ve been here for a bit, thanks. Just don’t post a whole lot. Instead, I see a lot of people making the same basic threads, people saying “hey would be really cool to get a Blue post or something”, and then general anti-retail sentiment.
Somehow this post has devolved into conversation of my credibility as another poster on a random forum on the internet. So that’s cool.

Not sure where I ever accused you of anything of the sort. The problem comes with people trolling on 0 post characters, there’s no distinction between them and someone legitimately new to the Classic forums - just their suggestions are usually very similar.

We’re waiting for an update. A lot of discussion threads have nothing to do with proposed changes and everything to do with what will happen.

All I’m going to say is there’s anti-troll mechanisms at play on the Blizzard forums. If you truly think I am trolling, there’s a way to prevent me from posting. All you have to do is not respond.
By responding, you are essentially consenting that I, and others, converse with you on the topic. It’s more annoying to everyone involved that your response is “nice troll idiot”, which allows me to speak, yet provides no actual discourse.

Did I say you’re trolling?

<— anti troll mechanisms

No. Not as such. But many people are, and you have defended those who believe I am, which is a close second.

But it is “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” type of situation.
The authentic crew is here to say no to all changes outside the scope of Vanilla and attempt to help Blizzard make the best decisions when it’s about matters inside the Vanilla timeline.

All the people who suggest,ask or even demand a change outside the timeline of Vanilla are the enemy and are sometimes kindly and sometimes less kindly told to go away.

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Go say that in the AV Blue Post. “the enemy” is the people who don’t want changes.

And the worst are those that only dwell in pro-change threads and none of the others.

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The fact you’re getting so defensive and have utterly abandoned the original premise is kind of telling. While I don’t consider you a troll as of yet, I don’t think you contribute much to any discussion on these forums. If your only talking point is that people don’t react well to people proposing changes, then… yeah. That’s true, as it should be. Changes are a no-no.


Somebody who has switched characters to post topics that historically are touchy subjects are trolls.

People who are new and didn’t bother doing to a search or read the basic rules of the forums should probably not be all that surprised that they get treated like a troll.

It’s the same on any forum: Do a search before you post a topic. 99% of new players who have their first post be a new thread asking for something, are asking for something that has been asked for dozens of times already.


I think Activision cares about population.

Remember early on after the announcement? So many new posters asking for a plethora of changes that would make them play Classic. It’s likely that experience left a bad taste in our mouths so that’s why we’re so tired of the 0 post trolls.


Yes the 1.12 AV crowd seems to be in the minority here in the forums as the forum majority wants an earlier iteration. That is where this line comes in.

Now I don’t care about AV myself as I’ve never really liked any iteration of it.
It will be interesting to see though if Blizzard listens to the forums and does some sort of compromise. They have already changed their plans on loot trading and content phases so it’s possible on AV as well.

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People back then were upfront about it and we had a clear pro-change camp, now we have people who are more on the troll side of pro-change because they bring it like its good or for the better and we should all like it… Im no change but… and this is even more annoying.


“If they don’t add a civil war exhibit to this WW2 museum, it is destined to fail”