If you're banning GDKP, what alternative solution are you offering?

GDKP is the most popular loot system in every version of classic wow. Banning it will upset those players and some of them will leave the game.

The whales (like 3 people and their alts) still upset they can’t swipe a card and buy the best gear? At a certain point you just have to accept reality.


Lazy, old, defeated argument. I’m the most vocal and I’ve never done RMT in my 20 year gaming career.

Guess you should debate the Dev’s next. Hope I get to see you on TV at Blizzcon.


The radio silence of the devs on this issue speaks volumes. They didn’t ask for feedback before this policy, so I don’t expect they will listen to feedback now.

This is probably what we can expect whenever they face a difficult problem. They will just “experiment” with the logically flawed, easy “solution” and communicate that they are working on the problem.

I promise you getting rid of bots is not the engineering challenge they make it out to be. The problem is not being properly resourced or invested in and talent has been leaving the company for the last 4-5 years. They can’t hire top talent because none of them want to work there anymore.

Yeah, that they made the right call and they’re happy to see everyone praising the change.

Did you even read their statement? They specifically said they listened to feedback:

Emphasis on FEEDBACK. Not tantrums.


Feedback from who? GDKP complainers on the forums? None of the GDKP players were voicing feedback in the weeks leading up to this decision. We were all playing the game instead of complaining about a symptom of a botting problem.

This is why I’m saying they never asked for feedback.

The only tantrums are the 20 trolls I’ve been fighting off for 5 days now, yourself included.

From people that can communicate a coherent thought. That’s why they’ve decided to support one side.

Arguments and points you are incapable of refuting =/= tantrums.


Have you seen the posts in this thread? Give it a scroll mate

Its true that its popular… but I want to establish a point here.

A flaw in GDKPs here is that it can be susceptible to gold buying, if gold buying is enforced with 6 month or permanent suspensions, it wouldn’t be a problem but this is Blizzard were are talking about and I have said in my previous post, a couple of higher ups would rather invest into something that makes them money then invest into a team that crack downs on gold buying and doesn’t make them money. The only option here is to axe GDKPs.

To be honest with you, I dont think banning GDKPs is going to cause a mass exodus of players as much as you think it will, the game has survived without it a couple times throughout its life.

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How does banning GDKP make them money?

Yes, that’s why I have clarified for you that the arguments that destroy your stance are not tantrums. You being unable to refute something is not a tantrum.


I’ve seen the posts in this thread. I’ve taken note of your penchant for bemoaning attacks against you or your guild, when you’ve also thrown around more than a few jabs at people and their guilds.

If you want to be taken seriously, don’t hypocritically bemoan attacks while throwing them out yourself.

And that’s not even a criticism of your attempts to present your fevered defense of GDKP runs as somehow indicating a greater support of them within the community en large.


The “radio silence” would be a side effect of not needing to make any statements about it. No one is hounding blizzard devs for information about this.

You not expecting them to listen to feedback, after seeing a blue post blatantly stating they are going to listen to feedback, is weird. Perhaps you meant “listen but not make the changes I want them to make.” That doesn’t preclude anyone from listening to feedback. Or even taking it into consideration.

If you’re the best the GDKP’ers have to offer, you’ll need to do far better. (And before you get outraged at that, remember you’ve thrown quite a few barbs here yourself. I wouldn’t want you to be a hypocrite, after all)


That’s not what a strawman is, though. Attacking a strawman is to attack something that is not the point, but that you’ve constructed. More than 1 person here has explained why GDKP runs are problematic, and what they caused within era servers. Banning them isn’t a strawman at all. It’s one avenue blizzard has at their disposal to address the problems they see. Regardless of whether you think that problem is the money blizzard brings in, or the social fabric that GDKPs chip away at.

Disagreeing with the choice is one thing, but calling it “a strawman” as a way to avoid talking about the reasoning given, isnt a sign you’re doing well here.


Repeating something over and over doesn’t make it true it just makes you delusional. Everyone can see how indignant you act when you’re wrong.

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I’ve been here defeating trolls and bad faith arguments like this one for a week. You simply saying it doesnt make it true.

Why dont you quote me doing this? The only jabs I’ve taken are at obviously troll posts, suggesting they post things with content. Distinctly different than the personal attacks people have made at me, highlighting their weak postions.

This thread has 10k views and in total my threads have 15k views, more than the GDKP post itself. And more engagement as well.

Attack the person not the idea. This is the same weak argument ive been defeating all week. If you want to debate come with an idea otherwise leave my thread. Im not attacking anyone unless they come here with 0 ideas and just personal attacks. And even then I’m only calling them out for the lack of substance.