If you nerf Marksmanship Hunters because of PvP

Im at 18% :slight_smile:


I’m so happy! These are good changes and they needed to happen. Thank you for making this change and thank you for making it only apply in PvP. I’m really hoping that MM will be a good, stable choice for both PvP and PvE content this time around.


this is not good, they nerfed us in pvp before people had gear. And now that people will be gearing hard, we will be back to doing no damage in our opener and just getting beat down, great work cry babies, you win again.

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We aren’t even in raid gear and I was getting blasted for 20k+ total with double tap aimed shot. It was the most overpowered single ability ingame and arenas would have been complete garbo with people dying under 2s.


exactly right, once you get into raid gear that 20k goes down to 15k and you also get more HP, health and mitigation go up quicker than damage. With this nerf we will do 8k to you in your raid gear and you will laugh and burn us down like the last two expansions.

My profile says 6% because I used the word “WAS” if you can read as well as you check armory. it was 11% with a 40% healing and damage from the two trinkets. It’s best to just believe people when they say something so you don’t look like you just did.

Those aren’t good nerfs. They’re blanket nerfs that affect us in all areas of the game instead of targeting the real issue.

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I hope your hunter main enjoys those nerfs. Also, I’m not sure if you understand that in order to hit “Greater Fade” you have to be able to react. It’s hard to do that when you’re dead.


  • (With realm restarts) Aimed Shot no longer deals 10% increased damage in PvP situations.
  • (With realm restarts) Double Tap’s extra Aimed Shot deals 50% reduced damage in PvP situations.

I win.

yes, the cry babies who don’t what they are talking about always seem to win.

Apparently you think being able to one shot from Camo is healthy for PvP. Life comes at you fast. Better get a helmet.

If you thought that we would be able to do that much damage to people in three weeks, you don’t understand how stat progression works in the game.

Nah i dont believe people who whine about nonsense without proof

You seem to labor under the impression that Blizzard doesn’t have access to their own simulated creep via gear progression. The denial of that simple obvious point is hilarious. If this wasn’t going to be a perpetual problem they wouldn’t have strictly nerfed it in PvP.

The other absurdity filled in this thread is complete denial of the issue.
When some MM targets you from Camo, there is no “outplay” - if you instantly die.

You didn’t get “nerfed” - you got balanced.

The denial here is amazing. Only the OP seems to understand.

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Iam fine with the changes. Nothing really changed for me , ill still play the spec and class and ill enjoy it. 50% damage reduction seems huge but not really considering how hard we hit

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  1. Ret can burst you once every 1.5 minutes, not every 30 seconds like hunters.
  2. Ret gets kited ezpz
  3. Need your bubbles up to stay in any fight because if people turn on you and you don’t have bubbles you’ll also die immediately. Watch out for the priests that take your bubbles away.
  4. Pop wings and everyone pops cc’s you. If you cannot kill someone with wings, you lost.
  5. I wish I could go invisible as Ret, stay out of everyone’s range, and still do high damage

Hunters burst you before you can get your dots up.

marksman is still very strong

I recommend going explosive shot and trying to get the rapid fire legendary. save double tap for rapid fire.

careful aim is nerfed to only 20% in pvp anyway, and explosive shot can lead to some very nice burst. it even still explodes on a dead body.

Double Tap and Resonating Arrow are both a 1 minute cooldown. Trueshot is 1min40 with PvP talent or 2 without.

Divine Toll is 1 minute and so is Final Reckoning. Avenging Wrath is 2 minutes.

All that looks fairly similar to me.

You might want to check your numbers first before posting crap like this.