If you got kicked out of the buffet for eating too much

No one hits the instance cap for running instances for 1.5 hours either.

Plenty of people do.

Also, if you’re so worried about the instance cap why are you in BRD rn?

Because I’m not so self-centered as to avoid helping people who need groups. But now I have to juggle that with my own farm and with others still who I have to choose to not help. These decisions are the result of an arbitrary and unwanted change, which we in the Classic community oppose. I never said that I’d cease doing BRD.


Here’s a video of a good buffet that doesn’t kick out people who eat too much.

Monty python is hilarious, sure.

It’s still a terrible analogy. One buffet is not the only source of food. You would get food somewhere else, not protest.

And you wouldn’t be shy about telling your friends the buffet is terrible, either.


Yeah it is, but I find all the weeping and wailing pretty funny so I’m just having a bit of fun in my own way too.

Oh for sure. Forum arguments are a fun way to pass time, everyone knows that.

I don’t want to discuss merits/demerits of the change, been there done that. This analogy is just particularly dumb, and was made in bad faith (notice how he was willing to make a post when I admitted I made a mistake, but not willing to concede the point?)

I really just didnt feel like debating the finer points of a humorous analogy with some madkid on the forums.

But it’s a fine analogy. You’re consuming an absurd amount of one very specific product. So much so in fact, that your consumption is now being curtailed. As a result, you’re threatening to cease all consumption of said product altogether. Which isnt very convincing given your self-admitted over-consumption of the aforementioned product.

There. Have we analyzed the anology enough for your satisfaction or should I break it down into symbolic logic expressions? You know, like people do. :man_facepalming:

Aww hardcore making it hard for your lazy self to parse. So cute.

If you care about parsing you’ll put in the extra effort. Welcome to any other hobby you have. Want to be good at rock climbing? You’re going to spend hours between exercising and climbing. You can’t just show up Yosemite and climb El Capitan unless you have put some effort in prior.

Right, and the reason your analogy fails…

Is because food is not a product anyone can have a monopoly on.

I get what you were going for. I’m trying to tell you your analogy is poor because food doesn’t work that way.

I wouldn’t trust you for where the bathroom is located in an office building. It isn’t good. Try making less excuses, fanboy.

Please explain to me in greater detail how this… “food” works.

I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for you.

Like you could have said being kicked out of a theater because you bought too many tickets, that could work.

But you went with food. How sad.

The implication being what? That I’ve never tasted food before? My analogies may not be perfect, but they’re waaay better than your jokes.

Finish the phrase: Ask a stupid question, get… ?

If I got kicked out of a buffet for eating too much, I would just go to another buffet.

You know, like how many people threaten to unsub over this. Protest in the streets, let your voices be heard.

Get Donkled. As in, this guy came up to me the other day and was all like “Do you think I’ll be ok if I eat these tide pods” and I was about to answer before I realized… I just got Donkled.



I mean… not gonna lie, if my name became so ubiquitous to be used like that, that would be pretty hilarious. I’d be a legend.

Honestly? Make Donkled a thing. I picked a funny name on purpose.


Donkle is when you dip your man parts in cheese, if you must know. Do the ol Dip Donkle.

It’s on UD… :open_mouth:

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Imagine dying for Blizzard on this hill.

I stand corrected

Stupid analogy bear. You can do better.

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