If you got kicked out of the buffet for eating too much

No one believes you’re about to go on a hunger strike.

Ie: If you’re playing so much you’re consistently hitting a 30 instance cap, let’s be real. You’re not going anywhere.


It occurred to me in the other thread, that many “legitimate” players are trying to play it like Diablo, where the only real thing to do in the game is accumulate wealth by chain running dungeons. Completely oblivious to, or simply not caring that it destroys economies of mmos.


That is my feeling. When i grinded my sgc i dont think i ever went over 20 a day. The 5 an hr affected me more than 30 a day. People just want to consume the game in a unheathly way. Not sure why any that hardcore would play wow. I know in college i was always playing different game in between vanilla patches.


If I paid for a buffet that was all you could eat, and they kicked me out for eating all I could eat, I’d consider going to another buffet that was all you could eat and actually meant it next time I was in the mood for a buffet.

We knew the rules of the WoW Vanilla dungeon buffet- 5 dungeons per hour. They changed the rules halfway through the meal. You can white knight the change all you want, it’s still something that is very anti-Vanilla and it’s a change to our expectations of what we could do in game.

Six hours a day is nothing- look at players that have r11-14 ranks, some of them have spent 18 hours a day for weeks or months playing this game. Part of what was appealing about Vanilla was a return to how hardcore the game used to be.

Is it for everyone? No, it most definitely isn’t- it was for people that knew the limits and issues with Vanilla and were willing to accept them. This is arbitrary- if you and Blizz honestly think 6 hours is too long to spend on a game, why only limit dungeon players to 6 hours, why not limit every player to it? Why the limit per realm, why not have it 6 hours per account?

This isn’t targetting people who ‘play too much’ for your approval, which I’m not sure why anyone that isn’t your child needs to know you think they play too much video games- this is targetting players that do ‘too many dungeons’, according to a completely arbitrary number of dungeons Blizz decided is too many suddenly 15 years after this game came out.


I feel wow is 10 to 20 hrs of content a week. The super hardcore makes it very expensive for casuals to compete for consumes. These mega servers have alot of good things to them but the gold bloat is a major problem and not sure instance capping will help but they are trying it.


You could pick a better analogy.

An all-you-can-eat buffet that kicks out people who eat too much is a clearly terrible buffet.

And that actually WOULD be false advertising, unlike the WoW cases.

P.S. Buffets make most of their money off drinks, not food. They don’t tend to kick people for eating a lot. They want you to, so you’ll need something to wash that down. Liquor has a much higher markup.


Did you play back in vanilla? Min/Max guilds did that back then too…the best way to make coin back then was to farm stuff for their consumables and make money doing that. Maybe also negotiate to go into a raid to get gear that none of their raiders needed… One of my guild masters got full T1 on his paly this way. They would think nothing of dropping 3K to drop and lvl a profession in a day if it meant ti was better for the raid progression…then the “casuals” started to moan and complain that they couldn’t get the same EPICPHATLEWT and we started the downward spiral to what is now current retail…


So you want to tell others how to spend their leisure time then? Maybe casuals can’t compete for consumes- in Vanilla, most players couldn’t raid specifically because of the time requirements for it, not being able to do everything as a casual that a hardcore player can do is fine.

Also- some people in the world consider Vanilla WoW to be garbage not worth a single minute of their time, should you be limited to their opinions? What about the many of us that are busy all week with work, social obligations, families and still play 10-20 hours, but all on the weekend? A 210/week dungeon limit would be the same overall as 30/day, but 30/day can be easily hit by someone who only plays on the weekend while 210 would be untouchable.

Not that we should be accepting any limitations, and frankly that’s a big issue is that these big gaming companies make terrible solutions solely to have you accept bad but not as bad ones later on and make them seem good.

Frankly I wouldn’t want to spend a single minute of my life camping, I hate the bugs, sleeping in a tent, how miserable it is when it gets too hot or wet and the lack of anything interesting to do.

But I would never say ‘I don’t think anyone should be able to spend more than 6 hours a day camping’ because I’m not a malicious dbag that gets her jollies off other people being treated like children when they want to do something with their leisure time.


People get kicked out of all you can eat buffets all the time. Because we cant have nice things and theres always some glutton who pushes everything to extremes and ruins it.
But… once again… if you tell me you’re gonna go on a hunger strike outside in protest pretty sure no one is going to take that seriously. :kissing_heart:


Well yes, but actually no.

Nope, But I would find another Buffet, and stop going back to that one.


And the buffet can get sued, successfully, for doing that. Want me to find you the legal cases?

Edit- Disregard, I was wrong. I’ll admit it.

Still, I don’t think I’d be incorrect to mention to anyone that cares that they aren’t actually all you can eat, or that it would be wrong to call them a lousy buffet.

And that particular buffet isn’t the only source of food, so your analogy is still trash.

You cant even exercise moderation with your posts, lol. Why is every thing you type a manifesto my dude?


I think that’s a good solution to your problem.


Someone on the forums admitting they were wrong? This is truly a wonderous day my friends.

I can be reasonable. Can you?

Don’t see you admitting your analogy doesn’t really work. A person who gets treated poorly or kicked out of a buffet is going to get food somewhere else, not go on a hunger strike.


This is only a handful of players greatly exaggerating and sensationalizing the situation. It’s really a very minor tweak to the already existing limit that affects a tiny number of people. I’m glad Blizzard is able to recognize it for what it is and brush it off.


Ie: If you’re playing so much you’re consistently hitting a 30 instance cap, let’s be real. You’re not going anywhere.

No one gets kicked out of a buffet for eating for 1.5 hours.

No one hits the instance cap for running instances for 1.5 hours either.

Also, if you’re so worried about the instance cap why are you in BRD rn? I thought you needed to save every. single. instance lock for Gnomer?

I think this 30 cap is going to do you some good. Trust me you’ll thank them in the end.

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