If you defended boosts and the warp stalker mount, I just want you to know you are personally responsible

For the fact that Wrath will have the WoW Token


Out of curiosity, what is so wrong with the WoW token?


had to log on my alt account just to anwser, What difference does it make ? ppl will just buy gold from blizzard insted of bots ?


Ya that is what my thoughts go to as well. To me it seems like the only people who would be THAT against the token are people who bot themselves. /shrug


Part of the problem is that the gold generated to buy the tokens is still made in ways that utilise botting and the like. It doesn’t fix the problems, just gives them cover fire for their RMT activities.


I think TBC will have the token soon. Blizzard is going too need that 3rd and 4th quarter money to make up for lost subs.


They know that putting it in would be so badly received that it would sink being able to release Wrath.

Whether they do it or not is whether ActiBlizz is willing to listen to them.


Blizzard has to recoup that lost settlement money somehow.

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I’m leaning toward agreeing with the person who said only gold sellers would be affected by blizzard selling a token for gold.

While I understand it’s not part of the original arc they intended, it’s a lot safer to buy gold from them than some random website/spammer which could very well compromise your account (be it through a vacation from Blizz or your password being stolen with your account.)

Not to mention, there are a lot of people who work full time and/or have a family who don’t have the time to no-life this video game as we once did.

And before that random person starts spouting off claiming I buy gold, you’re completely incorrect. There’s no way I’m risking my 16 year old account for a small bit of gold.

If Blizz offered for me to buy gold, then yep … I’ll definitely be partaking of it without any sort of hesitation as it’ll help me enjoy the game more.

Call it “greed” or whatever, but I’ll call it common sense on their part. Just like the boost.


So what? No one is forced to buy the token on Retail. I never have. If you want to continue to farm gold the old fashioned way, you can.


How is that a bad thing?


I see a few pay- to-win proponents here. You people are sad.


Most of the people that supported boosts have likely been wanting the token for months anyways. Is this thread only here to tell us how butthurt you still are over the boost? No need to remind us.


You’ve never experienced the real thing if you think the token is p2w. Just another drama queen.


People who buy gold are cheating. They deserve to get their accounts hacked. This is a good thing, IMO, because it deters the behavior.

Blizzard allowing gold selling through tokens and making it safe just legitimizes cheating and makes it much more widespread, which is a bad thing, IMO.

Earning gold is part of the game design. If people don’t like it, they shouldn’t play the game.


Yeah, GDKP runs never existed. :rofl:

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You dont have to join them though. :rofl: Hurrrrrr


My boss will be very glad to hear this! Thanks for the head’s up…

Lol good luck convincing people to not take the easy route.

I have never bought gold, nor would I if Blizzard started to sell the token for TBCC. However, if I were to buy it would be from the company that makes the game. At least then the funds are more likely to go towards the future of said game.

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How do you say only gold sellers would be affected then literally end your post saying you don’t buy now but will if blizzard sold it? :rofl::rofl::rofl: