If you can stop Bots then sure

well i tried very hard to care but after seeing the lack of care for logic/reason and consistency on full display by the people against it while overlooking all the pros everyone had that didnt fit the narrative yall were pushing… made it pointless

There’s been nothing but logic, reason and consistency from normal players who don’t like cheaters ruining the game.

You RMT apes just don’t care about that stuff.

you are lying

About what? That GDKPS are full of gold buying cheaters? Or that you don’t care about anything that you disagree with?

the GAME is full of RMT and Cheaters… Ban them
leave the the gdkps out of it

What about asking for internal data as a gotcha when the people who DO have the internal data agreed to the idea because it is supported by their data?

They would not have said this if it wasn’t backed up by their internal data.

Don’t clump me into this.

I gdkp’d in Classic and Wrath, and like it as an actual system but I’m just not naive enough to not see the RMT promotion it does. I just don’t personally even care about RMT one way or another.


If you cheating RMT bois could leave the cheating RMT out of it, the GDKPs might have been left out of it.

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those same people are being heavy handed stripping the majority of the gdkp community that are innocent and condone rmt and agree to ban rmt but punishing them anyways, promoting selective enforcement, not stopping the root (rmt) cause NOR are they stopping literally any other outlet people have to RMT. THAT is the problem.
just come out and say it… its not about the RMT at all. we just want to end gdkp


ban RMT and let see how much of the community is left standing?

Is that another attempt at a gotcha?


lmao the desperation is thick

He gave a hypothetical example of numbers to comment on how fixing something partially is still important even though it doesn’t fix it entirely.

I’ll break what he means down barney style.
For example, you have ten people committing crimes.
If you can stop five of them, that would make sense and partially fix some issues.
You are essentially arguing unless you can 10/10, it’s not worth doing. That doesn’t make sense to most people.

Should we legalize drugs? Let loose all the dealers? Stop anti-drug ads? Just because we can’t go to South America or wherever and stop it at its source?

You asked for data that you know Blizzard did not, and is not going to share with us. Then called someone a liar over a made-up example number.

These and many other things seem incomprehensible to you, so you attack people calling them liars, lazy, non-intellectual, etc. etc.

P.S RMT is bannable, as is botting. I have a mailbox full of letters letting me know.

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no. I don’t think I will.


Here we go, now we’re getting closer to some honesty from you

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Now unlike most people that say GDKPs are bad I’m not so radical as to disagree there are a lot of RMT innocent GDKP players and even some completely innocent GDKP runs.

But to claim the majority runs are innocent is just wrong. In a world where you constantly seek new people with gold to bring in to spend their gold, you’re going to bring in RMTers whether intentionally or not. But I guarantee 9/10 times (example numbers) they aren’t going to kick someone out just because they have a ton of gold or ask where they got it.

Now of course there are some significantly smaller GDKPs between a close-knit group of people that just think it’s a cool system and I wish those could still exist unaffected.

But those are a drop of water in the ocean of GDKP. The majority of GDKP are large discord communities that do not at all care where your gold came from, they just care that you have it.

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you do not know this to be fact unless you have access to internal data

you need both new people that have no gear and you need people that do not need the gear capable of carrying. like why would 10 people fully geared do a gdkp run? seems silly and counter profuctive

i really enjoyed the freedom to join a different version of a pug… one that i could carry progression with me from the previous week… thats why I like them… my work schedule is too all over the place to commit to a guild. instead of rolling against a revolving door of new faces ever few days with no real sense of progressing my char relying on jsut dumb luck of a roll… and because i fight for this system i enjoy… dam near everyone on this forum overlooks why i do them and just stamps to my head, he RMT thats why he fights for it… such lazyness

Well yes this was my point. You constantly need new people. And most gdkps don’t have much of a vetting system for buyers other than just “how much gold do you have?”
You aren’t saying “How much legitimate gold do you have?”
I joined pretty much every gdkp discord on Grobbulus in Wrath for my alts as buyers and just saying “My budget is x” got me in, they didn’t ask how I got it.

Unless you quoted the wrong part of my post, this part completely agreed with you.

Like I said, I like gdkp as a system and know it can be done without RMT and being part of a GDKP doesn’t mean you RMT.

well i mean, im not going to ask for someones past months bank statements and scan them…

whats the point of asking how? you think a cheater is going to just be like yeah! i cheat!

Doubt it, if they were fixing the bot issue there’d be no point in removing GDKPs. They could have fixed bots ages ago, they just don’t care.

This logical fallacy is called “Burden of proof.”

We’ll provide your requested data once you prove removing GDKP won’t affect RMT and Botting.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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