If You Call Deadmines "VC", You're Wrong

Kevin Jordan, Vanilla class designer, definitively said DM=Deadmines. I would say that the people who call it VC definitely did not play the beta or play at release. Therefore, what they say has no merit anyway. Also, “LF1M DM” can mean only one thing. No one asks for a “DM” group with just “DM”. It needs to be “DME” or “DM Tribute” etc. “DM” by itself without any modifier is easy enough to see as Deadmines.


I propose a compromise:

Deadmines is DM, but Dire Maul is abbreviated as Big Feralas Dungeon, or BFD.

This way, everyone is happy, and no loose ends remain!


Oh, thanks for that.

PKer: A player killer.

Got it! :+1:

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No one cares

Lets run VC

I’m down…

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Heresay until definitive proof. I’d also say who are you to say who has grounds on merit or not lmao

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It was always called DM prior to Dire Maul on my realm in vanilla. Then it bacame VC. Really should not make a difference. We know Dire Maul is coming and exist so VC just makes more sense. Knowledge is power.


Wait, did you just now learn that? That’s been a thing since long, long, long before WoW existed. <.<

Sorry for being a bit douchey here. Also yeah, some of the abbreviations are silly.

Learn something new everyday

I will call it DM and you can’t stop me. Join my group and run me 60’s.

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They should have just called deadmines TD, since the official name is The Deadmines. :smiley:

type /who dm and see what you find.

This honestly. It could be called literally anything so long as you get what they mean. Player used/accepted acronyms are…well player created. Norms change, people change. Entire words and phrases in formal language have changed for similar reasons. A video game acronym changing is fine.

Curious, when was the guide released? If it came out after Dire Maul was released your argument is irrelevant.

Oh, I didn’t find any reference to VC on that page. I did however find that it claims LOM = Low on Mana, which one could argue is simply not used in common parlance, and as such, invalidates the accuracy of the manual for the purpose of word usage.

I would point out though that I’ve never been confused as to what someone was advertising in chat, with regards to Deadmines, DM or VC. Personally, I have a distaste for the term VC, but I’ve never misunderstood it, so there’s that.


Wait I just looked at that link you gave Elite and it said use ZFK for zul farrak - yet I know for sure I never used ZFK but used ZF xD Just something I found funny. I cannot for the life of me recall anyone saying ZFK

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I have a handful of reasons I left alliance and went to Horde. The constant bickering back and forth on DM/VC/Cookie’s Cove or whatever the hell you guys want to call it, is one of the reasons. I just don’t want to hear it anymore.


PS: I agree, it should be DM, but who the hell cares?!?

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World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide was published by BradyGames on November 16, 2004 and November 19, 2004. The guide provides: The guide provides: Maps of each city and region, with call outs for characters, quest locations, dungeons, and more.

Before Dire Maul was released. This was an official companion to the game.

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