If the current stress test is about

Testing server stability and layering, then wouldn’t it have made more sense to make it free for the 48hrs so they have a huge number of people test the game? As opposed to limiting it those from retail & the ones willing to pay 15 bucks for a 48hr trial.

I’ve paid the $15, but I’m sure there are many others who haven’t.


here some other question: is this layering something new? i don’t think so, isn’t it being used on the regular game right now? aren’t those server connections pretty much the same exact thing as classic and the only difference is the game client itself? why do they need to stress test tech they already know works?

No. Layering is new. Sharding is in retail. There’s been a ton of bugs with layering.

Plenty of folks have found ways to exploit it. As well.


They want layering to be used for the inevitability that people stop playing Classic after a while. They don’t want there to be 10 servers at launch then sooner or later: only like 3 even have medium or higher pop. They don’t want dead servers so they are minimizing the overall server count and adding layering so when the pop thins down: they remove layering, and in the end: have just 3 servers with all the players.


If they can get all their results from just 2 servers worth of layering: that’s all they need. They don’t need 10 servers worth of pop for testing.


Why are they so convinced that people will stop playing Classic? After experiencing the game last night it honestly felt like a superior version than retail wow.


thanks i honestly thought it was the same. after looking into it a bit, layering seem so much worse to me, creating a whole new world with every zone? how is this going to help the problems introduced with sharding?

if i’m in one layer and my friend joins the game and is put into layer2, it’s the same problem as sharding lol except now we are completley locked off from eachother in the entire world… and server has to work harder keeping zones open when no body is in them?

What is this layering idea jeez.

What are you talking about?

It’s the same thing, just on a different scale.

Don’t delude yourself.


Its the first wave they are dealing with. When like millions of players come in the first week of Classic but at least 50% of the pop leaving within the first month. Just because you tried playing a game doesn’t mean your gonna continue playing the game.

what i read here Is Layering better than Sharding?

Sharding is a new world per zone. Layering is a new world per server.

It technically doesn’t work the same, no.

In context to the user I quoted and answered the answer still stands. He, like you, confuses the two because neither of you understand what each is trying to accomplish and how they differ.

There’s plenty of explanations on the forums if you’d like to be more informed.

yah i don’t see any explanations, i see a lot of people saying what they think it is

Yes, they do.

I know everything there is to know about it, which is why I know it’s the same thing. Renaming it and changing the scale of the regions that are “layered” does not make it a new feature.

Even if you think they’re different, layering is still garbage that needs to be removed, as it wasn’t in vanilla.


It’s been explained ad nauseum in dozens and dozens of posts as well as how it is exploitable.

In short, layering’s main goal is to preserve population when the eventual tourists leave and works continent wide. There will be lots of folks in your layer and if the beta or stress tests are anything to go by, pretty packed to the point of making it difficult to progress.

Unlike sharding where that is used to both thin overpopulated areas and make underpopulated areas more populated to fill the world with players and works on a zone by zone basis. This makes it so you aren’t fighting for mobs and don’t feel alone.

There’s your coupon-clipped basic rundown. Grats. Now you don’t have to be misinformed anymore, isn’t that nice?

You can read my above post and go from low information to slightly-low information! Grats on the upgrade!

So… it works exactly the same, but has a different purpose. Thanks for agreeing with me.

It doesn’t. Layering doesn’t bring new players to you to make the world more populated nor does it thin the world out to make questing easier.

Each layer, from the info we know, will be a standard Vanilla server pop.

Definitely not like sharding, no.

Anything else I can help you understand?

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So I can’t invite someone to another layer, just like I can with sharding? Oh wait, I can.

So people won’t appear or disappear right in front of me as a result of being invited to other layers, just like with sharding? Oh wait, they will.

So all the resources in the worlds, including mobs, trade goods, etc, won’t be multiplied by the number of layers, just like they are multiplied by the number of shards? Oh wait, they are.

It’s the same technology. It works the same way. It shifts people between phases/instances of the world to deal with the population.

Layering is just sharding on a larger scale. Instead of having multiple instances of a single area/zone, they have multiple instances of the entire continent.

The only issue layering solved with sharding is that people won’t disappear into another shard unless deliberately invited to another layer, because it applies to a much larger area.

In other words, it’s the same thing, just on a larger scale.