If tanks aren't gonna tank in AV

Then I’m just gonna run out of the bunker every time. Learn to play the BASIC game.


Learn to manage aggro? That’s pretty basic as well.


Do you know how taunt even works? Front-loading a threat spike is HOW to buff tanks threat via the taunt mechanic. Do you even understand this? If they aren’t even bothering to taunt, this is a horribly misinformed little snark.



Yep, i know exactly how it works, doesn’t change the fact that if you pull off a Tank its your fault.


So, no, you don’t. Got it. Please don’t reply when you don’t even know how basic mechanics work.


Okay, lets say you open with a Shadowbolt, it crits, tank taunts, puts him back on top of the table and guarantee’s aggro for 4 seconds, you keep attacking while he builds threat but gets parried as very few tanks run 9% hit, the 4 seconds end, you get 2 nightfall procs back to back, 1 crits, 1 doesn’t for roughly 7k damage, you pull again.

Who’s fault it is?

But hey, keep wiping your groups all you want because you can’t understand basic mechanics, its not holding ME back. You’re acting high and mighty when you can’t even manage 2 fricking buttons lol, 3 if i’m generous and count CoE.


drama queen


You are incorrectly implying that it is bad to pull agro on basic tank and spank mobs. This isn’t a tank swap fight like ebonroc or something where it actually matters for dps to manage threat or a wing buffet drake, these are instances where the threat spike is only going to boost the tanks threat ceiling, but only if they actually use their taunt. When they don’t use it, it’s no excuse.

It’s silly that this needs to be explained. AV mobs are really basic and don’t need this. They just need to be taunted. You clearly do NOT understand how taunt effects actually work. I suggest you assuage this ignorance before continuing to post, and collecting “likes” from other ignorant tanks. There are generally more than 1, anyway.

I am specifically referring, as would be obvious to anyone with IQ over 85, to when they just straight up never bother to taunt. I’ll run her out of the bunker every time. Good luck. L2P



Don’t need no tank. I’ve got my blueberry.


You assume so much when knowing so little about someone, its a huge hint of insecurity, btw. I’d almost be insulted if i wasn’t friend with a neuropsychologist who has access to that kind of tests.

If anything looks like i overthought your problem, you just can’t handle the fact you can’t control what random pugs do and refuse to adapt your play to that fact, keep throwing hissy fits about it, i’m sure its going to fix it.


fwiw, a lot of times in AV, no one is tanking at all, everyone is just DPSing to get the boss down quick

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Maybe, if you spent less time in Org and more time out in the world helping the less fortunate, these little things wouldn’t bother you so much.

You can’t even form a proper sentence. I rest my case.


Was Neuropsychologist too big of a word for you?


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or you know they couldve taunted and got resisted.

or they couldve taunted on a druid and missed the next maul or the mob dodged it and since maul is on next attack you have to wait however long the swing timer is and its not enough to hold against someone critting 2 or so times in the span of that.

or you could actually feel when youre about to pull aggro and then just not attack.

or whatever.


They don’t hamstring the LTs either. If you can’t hold agro you can at least hamstring.

There are always more than just 1 tanking class in AV, also. None of this holds up. You’re just dogpiling. Shouldn’t have to risk missing bonus NPCs just because people don’t want to play their own game.

Shouldn’t have to argue and beg for people to play the game they are in, it’s THEIR game, too. Not just mine. This really shouldn’t need to be said, but the low-IQs here mean every single mundane detail like this needs to be spelled out.


Hey look, a person who tanks and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. That’s never happened before.


Hey look someone who gets fed everything as a Main Tank and don’t realize not everyone gets to roll on Accuria as OT’s are meant to build mitigation over threat as, like the narcissistic Warlock above pointed out, we can just coast off the MT’s threat should we need to pick the boss up.

But please show me a pre-BWL Bear setup with no Accuria that can reach 9% hit without using paper gear like Devilsaur’s.


Focus man, address the one tiny thing I said before you run your mouth about more things you don’t know.

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

(Times 10)