If tanks aren't gonna tank in AV

There’s nothing to address as the only thing you seem capable of is personal attacks.

Feel free to explain to me the benefits of hit cap as an OFF TANK though.

Don’t forget the condescending smugness too, its so entertaining.


Explain what 9% hit has to do with getting parried.

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That’s what you’re stuck on? Hit has nothing to do with Parry, i honestly just use the term as a generality. I’ll be careful to precise dodge/miss/parry everything i imply that a Tank’s ability can NOT LAND.


Taunts resist. Often. Stop pulling aggro if you don’t want to die.

Or respec SL and tank it yourself. That’s what I do.


Prot Pally here. Wtf is this “taunt” you speak of? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well don’t you’ll confuse people. Parry =/= Miss.

can you just not show up then?

pretend to be usefull by capping a mine or something.


Horde doesn’t have tanks or heals because you all wanna zug zug pew pew


You don’t pull threat with SL, if you do it only strengthens my case that these warriors are trash at threat.

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It’s very easy to manage aggro. You DPS non-stop and the tank does more threat because they’re a tank. If you lose aggro as a tank, you taunt.


You should never run out if you pull aggro on Van or Drek. That a good way to reset the boss. People go to hell for that!

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Taunt lasts for 4 seconds on a 15 seconds cd though. You pull, “champion” Lock pulls, you taunt, “champion” Lock puls again cause he’s somehow smart enough to multi-dot to fish for Nightfall procs and decides to run out and reset Drek cause “Lul y u no tank rtard”.

That’s a proper play?

Bottom line, my point is fairly simple. AV is a completely random melting pot. You willfully decide to play in such an environment, popping a blood vessel over randomly picked strangers not acting the exact way you want is a massive waste of energy. Be responsible for yourself, adapt yourself to your environment and worry about your own results.

Its the only way to grind honor in AV without being miserable until Blizzard makes it possible to actually play with our friends, which may or may not happen entirely depending on AB’s Honor values.


Lol, it’s true!

Horde Warrior? Arms or (lol) fury
Horde Priest? Shadow!
Horde Druid? Feral!
Shaman? Enhancement!

This is one thing I have always envied about alliance in PVP… they always have healers and it’s usually paladins. Rarely do I see a horde healer in a pug bg group.

What? Are you sure you know how taunt works?


Its almost like the healer spec for Paladin is the strongest pvp spec for not just that class, but overall.

I dont blame a lot of healing classes not wanting to heal in BGs either, too many times have I seen Rogues/mages/hunters not bother with CC or peeling at all, cuz theyre too busy facerolling their DPS rotation with their raid epics to keep their healers safe.

Pure DPS classes in PvP act like they have only have to do damage, and nothing else. Its not just the hybrids who can do more.

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Yeah I don’t blame them either man… horde pugs do not protect healers. I try to when I do see a healer, but I’m a rogue and I’m usually the first person to be focused as soon as I’m out of stealth… lol

Wow you actually get to Van?

I just barely make it to the bridge before drek is dead in every AV. I don’t have epic mount.

Well, resetting the boss is dumb, but if you’re consistently having trouble with losing aggro, you’re playing your class incorrectly.

Losing aggro should be a rare occurrence as a result of lucky crit chains from the Warlock and/or unlucky Miss/Parry/Dodge chains from yourself.

ya on a boss type mob like drek or galv i charge in with 10 or so rage and maul him once. if it hits or crits im good. if it is dodged or misses or some other screwery he is on that next target (usually a warlock who is also standing too close).

since maul (if i have the rage for it ) is on next attack the only thing i can do to gather enough rage and threat to hold against everyone going all out the instant i touch the mob is to use manual crowd pummlers.

and i am not wasting them on some random av .

if given 5 seconds and only 1 miss to get aggro i can hold just fine.


um yeah, i do. Were you going to contend something? Or nah?

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