If Mythic Guilds are good enough they would be able to compete with PUGs doing M Raids from day 1

Right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

is this about cross-realm mythic? if so then there’s nothing to “correct” because i don’t think you’ve correctly identified the reason cross-realm mythic isn’t available day one.

Ah, you mean, the other reason being promotion of mythic guilds through monopoly?
I rather think that devs are smart enough to not promote monopoly of any kind.

Yes, you’ve figured it out. The only reason Blizzard doesn’t allow cross realm mythic is because of the embarrassment that would ensue when random cross server pugs with no voice coms beat top end guilds to Cutting Edge.

I feel bad for the poor downtrodden masses who are being held down from their mythic glory by the no cross realm policy.


There’s nothing stopping you from doing an in-realm mythic pug. People do it all the time. Mythic guilds occasionally pug a couple spots in emergencies.

I’m not particularly against the idea of opening up cross realm from the start. I don’t think it would be all that bad - though I do think something is lost if you completely take away guild and server identities.

But trust me. No one feels the need to compete with pugs. And unless the mythic lockout system is completely reworked (and this is a whole different topic) there will never be a pug group that does more than 1-3 bosses of the current raid tier on mythic.

But if this is a good thing it will endure without devs help, right? Players will actively look for Guilds because they promote a better feeling, right?

You obviously have your own agenda to push here. I’m not going to engage with that other than to ask - do you really think that pug raiding is a better atmosphere than raiding with a guild of people you know and like? I mean feel free to play the game however you want. If cross server opens up and makes people happy that’s cool with me. I just think it’s kinda wild that you’re acting like Blizzard and “Mythic Guilds” are teaming up to **** on pugs.

? Don’t try to read ghosts inbetween lines.
And yes, I rather play with non scheduled pugs. I have a life outside the game and can’t do any scheduled stuff.

Cross realm mythic being gated has nothing to do with any guilds or their desires.

Addressed it before.

Why are people always so keen to tell others how much more of a life they’re living? We get it, you have other interests. You deprioritize wow. So what? The game should be made as comfy as you desire?

Like the meme of the person who goes for the job interview and lists off all the scheduling restrictions and unreasonable demands they aren’t entitled. Then shocked as they aren’t invited back.


So being against the monopoly of scheduled, sweaty, obnoxious toxic guilds is the same than making the game “comfy as I desire” or “deprioritizing wow”?

You are sooo detached from reality. People need to literally send resumes to apply for mythic guilds, and answer dozens of questions and have over 20 weekly hours to dedicate to the game (counting 10 for raids and other 10 hours for gold + gearing + alts).

And all that if you don’t want to expend 6 months to get your CE.

that was not my experience at all when i raided mythic

You don’t know what monopoly means.

Ever heard of figurative meaning, smart person?

yes, it doesn’t make sense figuratively either. The words you’re looking for are monopsony, or cartel, or syndicate.

No I’m not. Don’t start pretending now.
It is a “timed monopoly”, but it is a monopoly regardless. Guilds have it when doing mythic content, excluding pugs.

Full on pugs are probably not going to get CE unless you’re stacking a pug with players who’ve already cleared the content .

Getting into a mythic raiding guild requires some effort; typically some google form with a handful of questions, maybe a quick discord chat, and showing up 1-2 weeks for trialing. If you don’t want to put in the effort that’s one thing, but there are also a lot of people being incorrectly classified as “sweaty”, I know a lot of people who clear 4 15s a week and login to raid that’s it.

Now if your argument was about removing lockout restrictions once hall of fame closes you might have something.

Pretending mythic kills can’t be achieved with pugs isn’t reasonable at all. I’m sorry.

No one’s stopping you.

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