If layering goes in as it is now, expect economy to be 100% destroyed

if it is extremely profitable then there will be no problem, people will just divide the profits

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Can we say they are “twerking” it? It’s more fun!

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I mean if you want to imagine ion doing that.

We don’t kink shame in these forums.

So do i, i know how to make gold in retail too. and i’m literally 100% better at farming than i was in 06, i suspect i’ll be making a killing up until the real crazy folks come in lol.

It wont be profitable at all, but you clearly can’t see that. and if you can’t understand there’s not point in explaining it now is there.

(this isn’t reddit!) Username checks out…

Stop topping from the bottom!

Now, if we’re talking about layering affecting Treasure chests or rares, i can see an argument for that maybe.but since layering is Supposed to be limited time i don’t see it as a problem as it’ll sort it’s self out by that point.
Now if it’s not removed when they state they will, then ya’ll can call Meteor.

I am slightly intrigued.

100%, huh? :wink:


I’m sitting here trying to math out how this layering buisness will Destroy the economy 3000, and while i suck at math i just can’t get it to work.

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You don’t sell the thorium and black lotus when people are leveling. You stick it in the bank and wait until everyone is level 60 with money and trying to raid, and there is only one layer (so less supply).

Your argument only makes sense if the amount of resources isn’t tied to the number of layers.

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ROFL 6 months wow…You dont have to be hardcore to hit 60 in classic in under a month or two…

Uber casual man uber casual. we hardcore’s do it right 2 months

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I’m sure those who will be abusing layers will be hitting 60 much sooner than 6-months post launch though (which I believe is phase 2/supposed end of layering).

If someone has a giant stockpile of thorium or black lotus from those first six months, and decides to undercut those farming materials the legit way, how does this not effect the economy and prices?

It will affect it, nobody is saying it wont, what we’re saying is it will fix it’s self once layering is gone.

We be truckin that long haul thats why :smiley:

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Because they want to layer in order to prevent normal merges. They want to merge layers when most people left the game instead.

Blizzard is banking on classic being a big fail.

The damage would be more than done to a server economy after 6 months of resource farming abuse.

Blizzard said layering wont be forever. It will just be for the first few weeks to maybe a month tops until things even out.