If layering goes in as it is now, expect economy to be 100% destroyed

Layering should be taken out after 2 or 3 weeks if they dont want mass exploiting

there are tons of examples of how layering is going to mess things up

i understand they need something to avoid 14 hour log in ques, but if this isnt going to destroy the economy with layer hopping exploits something needs to be done

if layering is not changed expect people to have 1000+ black lotus’s in the bank


Thanks for the 726th post about layering.


all good, when its important, potentially game breaking its important people make a big deal or nothing will get done


Or just upvote one post about layering to the point it has the most likes in all of the classic forums instead of flooding the forums.


Hey guys, I have a really unique idea that no one has thought of before. What if…hear me out now… What if layering was bad.

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Everyone’s basically going to be flat broke for the first month of the game dude.


Ah a new and thrilling discussion,yes yes the classic economy.
Instead of only the hardest of the hard core being able to afford their mounts at 40 everybody will be able to!

what? the hardest of the hard core would be the ones exploiting layer hopping, the non hard core players wont even be lvl 60 for many months


False, everybody can layer hop, everybody can look up where items like lotus spawn and camp them everybody can do the same for every other herb/ore/rare in the game.Everybody gona be rich mon! JANI BEST LOA


correct but do you think casual people even think about layer hopping? for one thing they probably dont even know what black lotus is, but no they will be lvling for 6 months


O.o Oh. . now that will get ya going in the morning!


Uh yes? OH! i see you’re using the second definition of casual. i can see why you’re confused.

It shouldn’t be an issuebif they keep it to low level zones only. Up to 30th lvl zones and boom no issues. I think that was the plan for shards before layering. Don’t see why they would change it

I for one am looking forward to being a thorium baron.

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it wont matter though, because if these things happen things like thorium and black lotus will be next to worthless

its supply and demand if people are getting 10x as many thorium veins as normal expect the price to be 10x cheaper

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ok you dont have an arguement, got it

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I agree something needs to be said. BUT
They are testing layering so let them come back with a final result. We have time.

My ‘‘argument’’ is that this has been discussed.
You are fear mongering.


agreed, voicing my concerns, i really hope something changes, and i think there is a good chance they will do something

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