If healers are expected to DPS then

Can’t you just tailor some or buy off the AH?

wouldnt it be more efficient to have melee stay in some fire and heal them as opposed to getting your 2k dps in? :wink:

putting 15k+ dps on idle is weird if youre gonna get less in.

Yeah but it’s not the same :frowning: it makes turkey lord sad…

Yeah around the time bfa launched it got removed, added to tailoring and the first aid achievements got added to legacy .

They are expected to do as such. If they aren’t, nobody should say anything about your dps, you’re too busy healing. The whole debate came up talking about healers who refuse to dps. No one expects a healer to dps if health bars are spiraling out of control. If everyone is doing their job though, the healer would be doing damage. There really should be more common sense here.

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I already do with my CC, so yes, you are correct. Also Ice Block and Alter Time for damage mitigation to help you healers in tough spots. Nice attempt at a “gotcha” though.


I will never ask or expect my healers to DPS.
I don’t even care if we don’t need the healers heals and they’re AFK 95% of the time. It’s the luxury they’ve earned by playing the role nobody else in the group wanted to do.

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Stop grouping with bad players.


Good players do all of the things their class allows to make an encounter a success.

We had a tank long ago that would even bandage others while he wasn’t tanking in raid.

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I do. Healing stream stays on cooldown. And Fae Transfusion heals as part of how it works. I also decurse whenever one goes out so the healer can save the dispel for something I can’t dispel.

It’s just the case of bad healer playing with bad DPS. The healer decide to be bad because they see bad DPS, being bad is contagious.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. When i take a break from resto and go kitty mode i’ll toss Regrowths out when i spend my combo points for the insta-cast, and will often cast other supportive spells that my appropriate classes have, and always make sure to interrupt when necessary.

Healers aren’t expected to do DPS’s job. Sending out off-dps is something you should do, because as long as the group is decent enough, you won’t be healing the entire fight. And helping with overall group dps helps the boss encounter end faster, thus that much less healing for you to do. And gasp, they’re making the tank do dps too even though they’re tanks and in fact not dps! Oh the horror!

Welcome to playing as a team, OP. :slight_smile:


i mean there are plenty of times in M+/raids where no healing is required, what you gonna do sit afk watch an episode on netflix? or use your divine star/use some dots ? :confused:

well yes, yes they are.

did you think this was some kind of got’cha?

Yes DPS are responsible for more than just damage. And if they aren’t doing good enough damage they should be called out for it

DPS often doesn’t have the brain power to realize the Healer is getting beat up.

So Tank dies, DPS dies and everyone blames the Healer.

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Too be fair I’ve gone out of my way in the past to grip something off a healer and have had tanks lose their minds because I pulled the mob.

Pop defensives!!! Some DPS are reactive more than proactive when it comes to using defensives. Some mages don’t even use block before they die

Its a lot of fun playing a healer where I can, slow, stun, cc and interrupt <3 Gimmie all the things! woo : D

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and deal massive damage < ] : )