If healers are expected to DPS then

DPS are expected to move out of stuff and help with offheals/support.

I mean if I have to also do YOUR job as a healer then you can do mine.


They do. They always have done.


There’s already a thread for this that actually has substance.


Give dps back support spells

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tell me you’ve never played a healer without telling me you’ve never played a healer


I’m guessing you were in a pug, had some bad dps, and came directly to the forum to complain? lol


Tell me youre really bad at the game without telling youre really bad at the game.


Blame blizzard for removing first aid. I’d help with the heals but I have no bandages :frowning:

woulda been a thought for slands

I’m alchemist but blizz doesn’t let me throw random potions are people

I’ve never agreed with that sentiment, and it’s because of the oh crap, unexpected moments that come up that could be missed simple because the healer is DPSing, just saying.


lmao! profession rework. you never know.

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I have though. Have you ever played a dps class? They have a whole plethora of damage reducers and self heals, disruptions and stuns, decurses and dispells. All these things add up to help us survive. The healer isn’t alone in that job. The whole point of group content is that we work as a team.



No! They do not…


Profession rework…
Me “good news everybody! I just created a potion that sets you on fire to heal you while also forcing you to roll on the ground screaming in agony!”

Others “oh God nooooo”

I remember as a ww in bfa, I took conflict and strife in M+ and id use expel harm to heal the tank and deal increased damage because of his increased health pool, I thought that was a cool game design.

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Yes, naturally- particularly when there’s a ton of incoming damage or the DPS took a hit they shouldn’t have. But if incoming damage is low, and a couple people are just a bit injured, it’s a much better use of the group’s resources for the DPS to keep DPSing.

It has nothing to do with “jobs” it’s about contributing to the success of the group. Sometimes there isn’t much incoming damage to heal or prepare for. A healer doesn’t get to stand there and do nothing while the tanks and DPS keep filling every GCD with combat abilities. The principle is simple- everyone keeps contributing. This means a healer throwing out damage when the party is healthy. This means a DPS throwing heals on the group between pulls while the healer drinks, or if someone is about to die. This means everyone using defensives/interrupts/stuns/etc. It’s not hard.


I tank, DPS, heal, do all the interrupts, and have to know 27 routes for every dungeon

You can at least DPS and heal


I already heal myself with flash of light, word of glory, lay on hands, and gift of the naaru if I think healers are not healing me enough.

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Did they? Since I never used bandages on my toons I never noticed. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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