If alliance players got a new race what would they want most?

Doable, and has some lore legitimacy because they allied with the elves after Cataclysm. Just keep in mind this is basically just reskinned Pandaren, and Pandaren are already on the far low end of played races.

Not sure how well they fit thematically with the alliance.

Might make a good addition. Again, I’m not sure how popular they would be though.

The old crippled ones are a hard pass. The new ones seem like a real chore to make armor fit.

No. These are best left as a neutral race for some expansion. Really I don’t get why they aren’t in this one instead of Brokers.

The idea of having space mummies, jinu gill men, vampires, and worgen has some amusing appeal on the other hand though. :thinking:

Dwarves are a good fit, but with 2 dwarf races, a 3rd is too much.


These weren’t even particularly popular as NPCs.

So ugly. :frowning: I’m sure the fan base would riot over this slap in the face. Blizzard literally had to retcon a large section of lore to keep this look out of the Alliance.

Maybe? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nah they were a neutral race without much interest in the outside world. I think it is best they are left like that.

The race I would consider adding, if Blizzard hadn’t done lightforged Draeni, would be Eradar. Since Velen’s son was killed before the machine that resurrected demons was destroyed, he should still be alive somewhere, potentially leading them. Since Sargeras has been tucked away, what are all those Eradar off doing? Are any repenting? Would this be a way to get warlocks rogues and demon hunters in Draeni form? We may never know!

I’d actually like more of the semi allied races added as skins. Like mechagnomes could get some leper gnome skins. Really this is what lightforged Draeni should have been but that ship has sailed.

I do want to avoid over monsterizing the Alliance. It takes away from the theme of what worgen are and how they are almost outsiders, but not quite.

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Look here, you delusional twit.

No matter how much you and the other revisionists want to say otherwise, sethrak had next to nothing to indicate that they were planned to be playable on either faction, let alone the Alliance.

  • Heart of Azeroth animation :white_check_mark:
  • Brief questline where they interact with Alliance players :white_check_mark:
  • Throwaway line hinting that the Alliance and Devoted would work together again in the future, which ultimately went nowhere :white_check_mark:
  • Associated reputation that Alliance players could do (void elves, Dark Irons, and Mag’har were special cases) :x:
  • Models with blatant gender differences :x:
  • Models that are clearly able to wear player gear :x:
  • Devoted spent more time working alongside the Alliance than the Horde :x:
  • Faithless have a good reason to join the Alliance in the Devoted’s stead :x:

I say that we were never getting sethrak because we weren’t, and I didn’t delude myself into thinking otherwise once I realized that their chances weren’t good. Contrast vulpera, who were heavily requested and then thrown on the Horde because they already had a good relationship with that faction and wouldn’t have needed entirely new models. Thinking that the community could’ve influenced Blizzard’s decision on the Devoted’s future during BfA by screaming loudly enough is apex cope.

  • Void elves - Saved them from being enslaved by ethereals and gave them a home after their exile from Silvermoon
  • Nightborne - Cured their mana addiction and liberated their city from the Legion
  • Lightforged - Helped them defeat the Legion once and for all
  • Highmountain - Protected their home from the drogbar, Legion, and Old Gods
  • Dark Irons - Worked with them since Cataclysm at the earliest and officially brought them into the fold after retrieving their sacred artifact from the Venture Company
  • Mag’har - Helped them escape their home planet after their draenei went nuts and tried to kill/enslave them
  • Kul Tirans - Mended the rift between their noble houses, prevented Azshara from capturing their fleet, and prevented the Drust from getting loose
  • Zandalari - Thwarted Zul, the blood trolls, and the Faithless and drove the Alliance back during the Battle of Dazar’alor
  • Mechagnomes - Defeated their tyrannical former king and stopped him from destroying the world
  • Vulpera - Freed them from slavery under the Faithless, protected them from the Alliance attacking their caravans, and gave them a new home in Orgrimmar after they proved their worth

With the Devoted, the Alliance helped their leader in a quest that was copypasted from a Horde quest where they helped a different sethrak, then we gave them a rock. The Horde toppled Korthek and his empire and restored the Devoted’s patron deity, but I didn’t see Vorrik dropping to his knees and joining them after all that.

15 minutes of quests is not long enough for the Alliance and Devoted to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship. This is the crux of the Alliance sethrak argument: the belief that the Alliance had more of a chance of getting them after that short period of time when the Horde didn’t get them after the Horde PC spent about two hours questing in Vol’dun.

I don’t want to read your fanfiction, Daisy Mae.

By that, I meant that they weren’t exactly heavily demanding nightborne before they were made playable; if anything, it was the Alliance that wanted them, hence the several threads during early BfA complaining that the nightborne weren’t neutral.

The sethrak discourse is taking years off my life.


Neither did Void Elves, the rest of your pathetic post is a waste of everyones time to read by just that point.

Guess how ARs join our factions, through sheer story telling out of the blue, Void elves didn’t exist, until they were recruited, they didn’t even use Mag’har from Outland, they pulled them out of a different dimension and timeline to give them to the Horde, but Sethrak on the Alliance after they saved one of their leaders, nonsense.

All they gotta do to make Sethrak Alliance is work on their already Worgen skeleton and send So and So Captain back there to remind Whats-his-snake that one time when we saved his life, done and done.

What a nonchalant way to say “save the leaders life”.

Guess you also missed the part where Horde already had a race that the Alliance wasn’t interacting with in Vulpera which is nothing short of a dead give away for an AR on a silver platter, but true to Horde fan boy-ism, you can’t gain something without winning the gold in mental gymnastics as to why the Alliance “shouldn’t”, gain this one other race we interacted with more even though we already have a race we’re interacting with here.

News flash kid, we don’t care you had more relations with Sethrak, you got Vulpera, the fact that the Alliance even looked at Sethrak in a friendly way is enough story to justify an AR considering the past ARs added.

Only discourse is coming from obtuse posters like you.

I suggest taking several hikes. :wave:

Jinyu from Pandaria

To me, Furbolgs, a plant race (botani dryads or treents) or naga seem like winning choices.

Furbolgs fit lore and I know they’d be popular. Heck, I’d probably play one if the customizations are good.

But I also think alliance players could use anther beautiful feminine model since they haven’t had those in a while. Something that would be popular with femme women and femme folks to play as. Naga to me offers that through sirens (and the masculine forms offer something that the furbolg appels offers too.)

Naga would also support bard lore, as naga use siren-like abilities.

The last category just fills a long absent niche.

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If you haven’t already check out my furbolg thread at the end of my post there please do.

Thematically I think they fit very well. At least they feel much less like the “noble but uncivilized” Horde races trope and more as one that values honor and valor.

It’s the story where Alliance Sethrak fall apart the most as we have no real inroads. Or at the very least the Horde inroad trumps anything we could have.

At least it wouldn’t be a human.

I do agree with the armor bit. Though keep in mind in either case a player model would be redesigned.

I don’t think this would negate their neutrality. Much like the goblins are widely neutral the Ethereals work in cartels. Easy enough for only one to join.

Honestly if they could just give the options through customization and give you a choice to switch out racials and voice lines that would go a long ways.

It’s just really silly that the most important and culturally different clan is the one relegated to customization.

Once you go mushroom you never go back.

I’ve seen quite a few folk pull for em. Don’t doubt their player base potential.


Krokul would have been a loved race.

Another one I’ve seen a lot of pull for.

Maybe indeed.

Unless the Scourge or something were to run amok.


I don’t have any particular issue with it.

Check out my furbolg thread. You might like it. (if you haven’t already)


For alliance, saberon. If no saberon, then just make the horses a player option.

If saberon gets added to alliance, I’d want the stoneborn for horde. Or vice versa.

These are what I want personally. Alliance really needs something that’s more bestial or out there.

Jinyu/Ankoan (customization for both in one race)
Arakkoa (Unhunched/hunched as a toggle like orcs)
Broken Draenei

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You know. Kobolds. Second choice Murlocs.

Right now there is only 1 race that makes sense.
And its the most logical as well.


Gnolls would be cool too.
But we are daydreaming: if we ever have more allied races for Alliance, they will be Lukewarm Dwarves, Greyforged Draenei and FullyMechagnomes.


Actual high elves, aka quel’dorei.

The Silver Covenant ones. No they didn’t join the Horde to the haters, most quel’dorei did, these didn’t. They’ve appeared in numerous expacs in combat roles so are clearly significant in number.

No, void elves with skin tones and hair aren’t the same (can’t play paladins for one, turn void in combat for another, tooltip without RP addons says wrong race, NPCs refer to you as wrong race (including the guy at the entrance of the Cathedral in SW who is unnerved by you), and your voice lines are all creepy and not at all normal elf sounding).

I’d suggest just making it one race though with the ability to change between void elf and high elf at the barber shop. Same thing with dark iron dwarves and regular dwarves (and they should also add frost dwarves tbh).

It’s time for Blizzard to give in. There’s very little work to do on this front at this point and holding out on the last inch of making this a reality is just silly.

Get rid of the allied race concept while you’re at it. Merge all allied races into their main races as sub-race choices which can be altered at the barber shop on a cooldown and for big gold (for example the different kinds of dwarves, the different kinds of trolls, different kinds of orcs, etc) and break those that don’t fit out into the main race screen and unlock them for everyone.

This would require no model reworking, at most an underwear recolor, changing some pointers in things to change their voices to the blood elf ones (or recording new ones that sound less voidy), etc ,etc.

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I think it’s important to take class combos into account. For example Broken would be pretty unique as they could offer druid, shaman, and warlock.

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Don’t know if this will help you but you can set a macro to your toons most used abilities and add the line /cancelaura Entropic Embrace.

So if you’re a hunter it would look like this.

#showtooltip Arcane Shot
/cancelaura Entropic Embrace
/cast Arcane Shot

I said a GOOD monster race!

Is there something like this to keep a worgen in human form?

Anything Currently in game designated as humanoid should be a playable race. Let people change races as easily as transmog. Let factions be what you choose to side with and able to faction change in game.



Basically, if you have had a reputation with them, you should be able to play it as a class.
Enough with this allied race IV drip… Just unlock all the visuals and styles.

Coming from the Human Paladin. lol.

How about Alliance gets a race that people like to play? All the races added, vast majority of Alliance are; Human, Night Elf, Remixed Blood elf.

I love KT, I love dwarves, I love gnomes. But no significant number of players wants to make that their main character.

Vry’krul are one of the fan favs. Lets give the Alliance something popular for once? Instead of a made up, last minute race like: Draenie, Worgen, Void Elfs


A cat race, since there are dogs on the Horde…it is only fitting.

Tuskarr, and only Tuskarr. Nothing else will suffice.