If alliance players got a new race what would they want most?

Called it.

Hey, it is my number 1 hater being friendly to me.
Thanks I guess. I would join you in the abstract glowing symbol party.

Unded elffs!

I don’t hate anyone. I just call out trolling and bs when I see them.

You wanna be fun in a fun thread, let’s party!

Ogres. We need an ugly race.

Heres my list

Furbolg :honey_pot: :bear:
Sethrak :zap: :snake:
Ankoan/Jinyu :fish::shark:
Arakkoa :sun_with_face: :bird:
Ethereal :sparkles: :sparkler:
Proper Wildhammer Dwarves :eagle: :hammer:
Frostborn Dwarves :snowflake: :hammer:
Sporelings :hibiscus: :mushroom:
Mogu :mountain: :japanese_ogre:
Broken/Krokul :frowning: :goat:
Naga :octopus: :fish:
Tuskarr :whale2: :axe:

… I think… thats all for now?

I made a thread for the furbolg!


Not everything we dislike is trolling my newest acquaintance. Actually, randomly labeling people’s posts as trolling is a nice trigger and works a lot as an act of trolling itself, and can always unleash unprecedent chaos. Unfortunately mods do not share this view and allow such practice, but we know in our guts how emotions play out.

Anyways. I’m glad to be reminded that I share the forums with people that do not hold grudges, because I’m like that myself as well (eventually).

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The Alliance do help them as well. We just never get to finish the story. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the Void Elves could be used to explain Sethrak aiding the Alliance, as there are Horde Blood Elves in it. Lol.

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Good points honestly.

I support this… only if their jokes/flirts/combat noises are all “Ahhhhhhhh!” “EEEEEEEEEE!” and “Heeeeeee!” And just various screaming.

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Do any of you have any pandarens?

Someone has to have common sense on the Sethrak topic.

That is an odd way to spell “a crippling lack of imagination” but you do you!

Imagining Sethrak in the Alliance is the only way you’ll ever get them.

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Yeah not super interested in debating the logistics of a possibility because any writer can make any scenario possible. More interested in what people would like to see and why rather than what they think is not possible.


Here to cast a vote for Cenarion/Dryads for the Alliance! :blue_heart:

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I’ll never fathom why this subject makes you so incredibly angry lol

But like the fox says, not the point of the thread. Talk about a race you want or you know where the exit button is.

The only anger that ever comes about from this topic is Alliance mad when it’s pointed out they won’t be getting sethrak lmao But keep stalking my replies if it makes you feel better about it

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Lmao literally just replying to you in the same thread, bud.

Anyways, Sethrak for Alliance :snake: :wink:

Love this list! But may I suggest adding Botani? :leafy_green: :leaves:

I dunno how I feel about separating out Wildhammers at this point, to be honest. If they did it I feel like they would have to offer all Dwarf players a free race change, since so many have probably already built their characters with that in mind.


I think I’m team furbolg at this point since worgen need some fuzzy buddies on team blue and nelves could also have another ally to relate to.

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