If a level 39-45 player asks you for gold, give it to them

Back in vanilla, level 60’s would always give players gold for their mount. Not sure why that’s changed but it has.

If someone asks you for gold for their mount, give it to them. Their is no reason a level 60 can’t spare 20 gold.


I asked back in the day, never got any. Sus.


If you just grind mobs in STV from 39-40 you’ll have the gold just from vendoring.


No thanks. People lie for gold. Save your own gold. You’ll appreciate it more.


lol, no. earn it like everyone else


I would of given them gold but now I can only do 30 dungeon boosts a day…I’m basically on welfare.


I usually call them a bum, and tell them to go get a job. I absolutely hate beggars in WoW. That’s my preference.

If you like giving your gold to beggars, that’s your preference.


Usually I wouldn’t ask for gold when i’m at a low level in retail, but alas, this is classic WoW, better to deal with it then embarrass yourself by begging.

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I don’t respond to beggars.


Same. My typical response is, “No, get a job, ya bum!” Judging by their typing abilities, I think those people are typically like 12. That’s a good age for people to start learning not to be worthless. This is a big boy game, and your mommy’s not around to hand you everything you want.


I suspect there are people (possibly like the OP) who will give them gold. And I suspect that people who ask for gold, use that as a way to farm gold.


I only give gold to female tauren mailbox dancers.

  1. Saving for their epic mount
  2. Saving to buy mats/consumes/gear that are outside of their learned professions
  3. Needing gold to tip others for their services
  4. Repair bills for plate wearers
  5. Wanting gold to be able to buy gear from GDKP raids or simply buy it off a person in a normal raid.

Level 60s need gold much more than a level 39-45. Don’t tell people what to do with their money.


I’d give the gold to a real-life friend or something, or on occasion, I’ve given away gold to be nice. For example, I once gave 10g (without being asked) to a lowbie who was starting a guild because when I talked to him I could see his passion. He was offering 10s to sign his charter, so he clearly could use it.

However, if I’m begged for gold it’s not happening.


I pickpocket until I get the gray item “empty wallet”. So when people ask me for money, I open trade and put it in the will not be traded slot and just leave it until they close the trade window.


I heard that Topper McNabb never pays anybody back.


I actually bought up some decent mail gear for every slot, and a good sheild on my shaman, switched to a meme build utilizing totems in elem spec and some resto, and went and soloed sfk for a few days until I got shadowfang for my mount money. Was very fun and I still do it to this day, well, not anymore because of the instant limit, I unsubbed.

The build works great pre-60 without thorn dmg gear, you just have to make a point to stab each mob you pull once as you pull to establish threat, then once you round them all up drop totems and aoe them down. If you dont hit each mob once and miss one, that mob will insta kill your totem and make your life suck. But I got good at hitting each one, I bought julies dagger, a 1.30 speed dagger and even put fiery on it for some slight extra threat, along with rockbiter. and I’d drop stoneskin totem as I pulled to reduce incomming dmg while running.

Now once you get to 60, u can get thorn dmg gear which does dmg as they hit you, and THAT will replace having to hit each mob once, so you can litterally face pull like a pally and drop them totems free of risk and all the mobs die. This is actually slower than a mage aoe, but faster than a pally aoe pull. So it’s like an in between farming spec/class build. You are tanky compared to a mage and can insta heal in a pinch, but less tanky than a pally. But if you are horde this is the best it gets if you want to emulate pally pulling.


response to title


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Ok rather than just flipping out at your terrible suggestion, I am going to give you some brownie points because I can at least see where you are attempting to go with this suggestion. You want people to help one another out in an attempt to create a selfless, helpful society based on trust and honesty. So ok, it’s an honorable idea at least.

REALITY: people will/would/and already do abuse the crap out of this idea, Creating an army of annoying beggars in Org asking you for gold is just a downright TERRIBLE idea.
For me personally, I instantly /ignore anyone that begs me for gold, regardless of whatever lie/reason that they provide.

If I wanted to play World of Beggars…meh I am not going to finish this stupid justification as to why this is such a DUMB idea.


No-one was giving level 40s gold in vanilla unless they were your friend/guild.