Ideas to get rid of layering for phase 2

I free transferred to a low pop near the end of vanilla. worst wow mistake i ever made, and the full server i left was super toxic still better than how things ended up.

nope, high pop for me ty

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It’s probably “weeks, not months.”

I will be seriously sad if layering lasts the entirety of Phase 1. Get it out after week 1 or 2, slap on a 3k player cap and bring on the free transfers from overpopulated servers.

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Here is an idea - get rid of layering before phase 1.


Oh here we go again. Divide by zero.


Ok, so you’re fine with guilds abusing layering to kill a World Boss more than once? It never happened.

Make it 2 weeks and you may have yourself a deal

mobs don’t spawn across layers, they’re unsynced. world bosses have a 3-5 day respawn time. while it’s possible the could spawn at the same time, it’s unlikely. so having 5 layers would generally mean more like you’d average 1 world boss per day. you’d also have 5x as many people fighting over world bosses, so if people really want big epic world battles there you go that’s even an improvement.

No… it is not confirmed gone… we have been told their GOAL is to not have layering in for phase two. Goals are nebulous ideas and can, and do, change.

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Layering gone by phase 2 or /unsub and /riot. All this powder keg needs is a match.

Works for me. Once enough suckers, I means err umm, players dedicated to the real vanilla experience" /unsub, layering will remove itself.

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The “lets b---- about everything crowd” will happily ignore your comment so they can continue crying about it.

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