Ideas to get rid of layering for phase 2

Ediited because I was W R O N G

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There are things they can do to mitigate the problems like having queues even with layering, and having free transfers off the server like they did in Vanilla.

It’s not 100% foolproof, but there isn’t a solution that would be.

I don’t really care what you “think” when we have him on video saying " we promise we will do this a few weeks in".


No, how “false rumours” get spread, is by people like you repeating:

To that I say:

(at least in the context you’re trying to push)

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Well, I’m embarrased because I was flat out wrong here.

He actually says “a few weeks in” multiple times in less than 90 seconds.

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That’s why you should always disregard rumors without evidence. That one about “All of phase 1” has been going on since the Dev interviews where he specifically never said all of phase 1.

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Sorry to hear that you are sick. My broader point is that a “few weeks” is non-specific and therefore meaningless, whereas by “Phase 2” is very specific in context to the release schedule.

If Phase 1 lasts three months, they could literally be the same day because, in some worlds, 12 weeks is still a “few weeks”

Only in worlds where people are trying to misinterpret reasonable statements in an attempt to scaremonger.

i.e. You.

Not me… in worlds where “get ready for a Classic summer” ends up meaning “August 27”

i.e. Blizzard.

I’m being pragmatic

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This word. I do not think it means, what you think it means.

Pragmatic: dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.

You are literally blowing “a few” out of proportion in an unrealistic way and not being sensible. You are not being pragmatic in any way shape or form.

You are being pessimistic.

Pessimistic: tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen.

I know exactly what it means. If you think that Blizz is going to stop layering after a “few weeks” when servers are still overloaded with new players, then you are the one who is not being:

Unless you honestly think that the crush of players is going to end in just a few weeks then it’s most sensible to think that layering will last until Phase 2. It’s the only concrete “date” that Blizzard has committed to.

Yes. By all logical and reasonable assumptions it will. Because the crush of players in the first few weeks is made up not by players chomping at the bit for Classic, but of Retail players who are trying it out for a bit of a lark before going back to their Retail game.

Classic will grow. But from the 500k base after the crash, not the 2-3 million Retail players in that first wave.

The logic works. It’s not being optimistic, its actually being rational.

if millions of retailers wanted to check out classic where were they during the stress test that let them check out classic?

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Playing live Retail?

It was just a stress test. Only the people desperate to play Classic (myself included) rushed to play on the stress test.

How can you say that when you have zero idea of the number of servers and the layering parameters on release.

Rationality is evidenced-based and neither of us have the data necessary to make RATIONAL arguments on this point. It’s all opinion. At least I can see that.

so at the very end of a retail patch with nothing to do, it was more important for them to play retail than to check out classic.

maybe they really don’t want to check out classic at all.

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Similar to 2004. My guess is 40 US servers.

3k layers, 3-4 layers at most. There will be a cap and queues, because they can’t layer endlessly or it won’t collapse down into the 3k server they want. (Their explanation).

Go watch all the Dev Interviews from the May conference, and do it with an open mind, not a preconceived notion that Blizzard is planning to intentionally fail.

Given the modern mentality of “What do I get out of it?”, a short test mid-week, where characters are capped and get wiped… yeah… zero incentive for a Retail preferring player.

Here’s the flipside.

If you’re right, then we won’t have layering for even 3 weeks. They’ll launch with 40-60 US servers, and the 500k eager Classic players will cause 2-3 layers for the first week or so, before spreading out such that we won’t need layering because servers won’t be overcrowded.

So… win win.

or the 500k eager classic players crowd into the same few not-dead realms and still max out layers and there’s dozens of dead realms nobody else is playing on so we still get all the problems of layers even without the tourist crowd

Well don’t be stupid and intentionally roll on a streamer server because they’re “cool”.

Low pop realms are just High Realms waiting for you.