Ideas to get rid of layering for phase 2

So majority of the community will be going into classic at launch and it will make the grind and fight for resources we all remember that much harder.

I don’t think there will be a need for layering by the time phase 2 comes out in starting areas, but if you think the need pops up then phasing just until a character gets to level 20. This will increase, not guarantee their quest mobs and will reduce people taking advantage of it if its not pushed for later levels. As for later levels, if the server is really populated, they should have channels and keep the rules of layering with channel switching.

They literally cannot Layer for P2. World Bosses will not allow such a feature. Why is this a worry?


It has already been changed so that it cannot be taken advantage of.

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You know that layering is confirmed gone by layer 2 right?


i don’t actively RP, but if it’s hard starting a new toon because of player volume, it fits with your status in the world.
I start ‘Skyrim’ on legendary (once i’m at Riverwood) for the same reason.
the smaller/ more insignificant you feel at the start of your adventure, the more triumphant your accomplishments as you reflect back on your journey.

It’s almost as if no one reads dev posts. Not to mention its the first post of a level 33 character. Might be a troll.


Layering will be gone within the first few weeks. Ion Hazzikostas specifically promised as much.

I would expect them to delay Phase 2 until they are confident they can turn off layering

I think the only promise was for it to be gone by Phase 2. Anything before that is more of a hopeful expectation

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This is the thread that is going to change blizzards mind about layering a month before release.

So glad you made it happen op…

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Hold up, I don’t remember him committing to a specific time frame. I just remember him saying that it’ll be gone by P2 while being vague, but I’d love to be wrong. Do you have hard evidence?

“L” for Layering Post.


Only if their assumption that their will be huge drop off is correct.

Lets say it turns out classic is a huge success, the 15k player on each server show no sign of quitting or slowing down.

Do you keep the layers and maintain balanced population, or do we turn off layering and now have 15k mega servers?

Layering off by P2 assumes 2/3 of the players will quit by P2.

If P2 hits and we still have servers with over 10k players on multiple layers we will have a big problem.

If classic work if player number keep steady instead of the massive dip thru are expected we are in for MAJOR problems with layering.


Keeping layering until phase 2 is too long. Layering cannot last longer than a few weeks, or Lights Hope might as well not close its doors.

Literally cannot, huh?

they said they are tired of running that server and closing no matter what happens with classic

I’m pretty sure they already stated layering will be removed by Phase 2, at the latest.

yes they do, world bosses would work perfectly fine in layered realms just like any other mobs do

You do realize there is likely going to be tens of thousands per server right? Actiblizz is banking on over 80% leaving within a few weeks because they don’t want to use a separate subscription and they want to use as few servers as possible so they are using Layering to stuff them well beyond capacity.

That’s not going to end well if people like the game and stay.