<IDDQD> is recruiting!

Hello all!

IDDQD is recruiting players for H-Nathria. We’re 10/10N & 9/10H. Our primary focus is raid progression, but we also do M+, PVP, and more. We’re currently seeking some DPS, and 1-2 healers– preferably a priest and druid/shaman. Raid groups start forming 9:30EST on Tues/Thurs/Sunday. Our goal here is to get a bigger team of people on server. We also have a community with the same name for cross-realm players.

We are long time raiders dating all the way back to classic. We’ve run quite a few successful raiding guilds through out the years. With the release of Shadowlands, we decided to get back into the game and roll like old times. Our plan here is to get into Mythic within the next 2 weeks, and we’d love to bolster our ranks.

Our core group consists of 12 real life friends of varying classes. The environment here is super chill, friendly, and fun when it comes to relationships with others. Yet we’re competitive when it comes to content. Feel free to add me in-game if you’re interested. This is a team that you don’t want to miss being a part of!

My battle net: sdohda#1705

We look forward to hearing from you guys!