Icecream citadel

So i went on ptr did a pug and later realized that some of my kills aren’t showing on achievements for example.
when i killed marro/lady/gun heroic i can see the achievement says that…here
but when i killed other heroic boss’s Rotface/Festergut/council/dreamwalker When i check for achievement it only list kill on normal…there is no heroic achievement
even though i’m right here on dreamwalker chest loot is hc because i killed her as hc.

it’s probably because i haven’t killed queen/sinder/pp yet to make the heroic achievement shows but hey blizzard can you separate the normal & heroic achievements ? no need to overlap them.

Edit: after killing pp once the hc achiev got unlocked and showed my rot/fest kills

my thoughts on Classic ICC after raiding it on 10 man & 25 man.

1-10m hc drop 264item lvl & 25m hc drop 264item lvl, both are easy as hell “it’s free 264loot” most boss’s are 1shot even if some players afk’d mid fights.
2-10m icc should be removed from game tbh that’s easier than LFR
3-the whole icc trash is in nerfed status that’s obvious to notice, blizzard brought the last patch nerfed icc already and only altered the boss’s hp/dmg to make it looks like original icc if anyone is watching numbers.
4-where is the 4x traps before Marro, oh they’re just 2 because cata pre-patch made them 2 and blizzard copied that forgot to add the 2more.
5-blizzard buffing the legendary shard drop rate
6-class stacking is still a real deal, specially warlocks/unholy dk’s
7-many boss’s in icc 25m heroic are joke, you don’t even need full raid to kill them

-The people who’s prepared and know what to do will kill 8/12 Hc 25m in day1 and 11/12week one super easily. “dunno about lk…that will depend on the loot they’ll get”
-The people who’s not prepared and don’t know what to do…they will wipe at joke boss’s such as 1st which can be 1shotted by bots and then those players will cry that ICC is hard lol, this is the beginning of the era that you actually need to notice your surrounding, to have fast re-action and to do the mechanics. "unlike previous tiers where most people ignored mechanics or overcame it by cheesing.

icc in original wrath was never hard… it was just new raid and people had to learn But now icc in classic is not new raid and it’s made easier for various reasons so do not be surprised to see 11/12 kill by many guilds week one. even my fail rogue on ptr did 8/12hc 10m in a pug, most boss’s was 1shotted, and did 7/12hc 25m, 3boss’s was 1shotted first try and i’m casual player now not bothering about classic because my main have Invincible’s Reins mid 2010 :smiley:

anyway if you think that icecream citadel 25m hc is hard…be ready to see hell in Cata heroic raiding. & have a nice day to you all…GL In icc

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Sorry to break it to you, but no amount of scoffing and chuckling to yourself is gonna make more people want to play Cata.


This is a fun video game to socialize with friends and relive the glory days, I am not interested in hard content in classic. I don’t think Cata will be for me and I do not want to be funneled into it. Keep wrath era servers please.


People who desire cutting edge raiding are already playing retail.


I was pretty interested in it prior to them deciding to introduce Dungeon Finder. Haven’t really been playing Wrath Classic since. I’m checking out Retail for Arenas and HC for leveling… we’ll see how long they hold my attention.

Cata will have changes it will be interesting what they are. Wonder how many players would play it if blizzard came out and said yeah deathwing broke out and only really affected badlands and flooded darkshore a bit.

Huh interesting post. Though I don’t believe you. I watched some of the top guilds on Benediction wipe for hours on multiple bosses. Fusion was stuck on sindra for 8 hours, Putricide for 6+, saurfang for like 5 hours and many others for 2+ hours. That’s a lot more than any other boss in other raids so far. People will have a tough time.


if you didn’t want a Wrath feature to be added during Wrath, then you did not want Wrath you wanted Vanilla with extra steps

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Initially, I wasn’t going to play Wrath Classic. I decided to resub after they announced they would not be adding Dungeon Finder. And even then, I was only really expecting to enjoy a few weeks or couple of months on a Fresh launch server, so to be fair, I’ve enjoyed Wrath Classic a lot more than I was expecting to.

Retail is hard I’ll pretend to be serious business raider in classic. If classic is too easy I’ll make fun of classic casuals and pretend to be serious business retail raider.


Am i gonna be the first to point out

That you typed Icecream Citadel instead of Icecrown Citadel?

(Almost got me too, dang autocorrect)

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Lawl, Who’s gonna play that garbage?

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Lots will.
In fact, most will.

And so will you.


DK was quite good in Cataclysm.

he’s right about removing 10mans though.

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I’m not touching crapaclysm. Would have quit already if not for guild ties.

You did all the easy bosses and tldr’d that the raid was just too easy?


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and thanks to those guild ties you will be playing Cata, funny how that works out


If anyone thinks I will play Classic Wrath forever, I’d rather just get on WoW 2 when that releases.