I wonder if Elon Musk plays WoW?

If so I wonder what class he does or would play, what faction and race?

I mean the man is a living legend and a genius in my opinion, I’m sure he plays a game or two here and there.


He would hire someone to play for him. Eventually, he would have an AI playing for him.


The younger version of him sure looked the part, he was probably the type to bot and buy gold back in the day though, rich kids grow up thinking that money fixes all obstacles.


Hes too busy promising to donate money necessary to end world hunger. Then paying way more needed for that to go buy twitter


Elon musk is a giant weirdo and so are the people who obsessively love or hate him


Goblin something or other.


Lots of jelousy

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This game is too time-intensive for anyone to play it, imo. Especially celebrities.

Kinda why MMOs fell off the map in favor of modern games.

People for the most part don’t want to grind for half a year to reach the fun stuff.

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If elon musk played he’d most likely pick horde. Can see him playing an orc rogue or Tauren druid. Then again can’t see him playing at all.


Isn’t he playing Elden Ring?

I figured when they’re stuck on a set waiting for the team to get a perfect shot, they could play.

I know friends who used to be extras in movies, they’d wait sometimes 5 hours for a 2 minute shot.

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Shhhh it’s his money don’t be that way :stuck_out_tongue: His proposition to end world hunger was predicated on the organization who attacked him using open-source accounting to prove that the money was going towards where it needed to.

idk why people bother to hate or love someone they’ll never personally know


I believe he does play video games. I think he made a comment about playing call of duty

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Crazy we expect Elon Musk a private business owner to end world hunger when our elected officials could do the same if its that important to us but its not. Just doesnt fit the narrative!


He talked about his elden ring build recently.


I still have not played elden ring, yet I never played any of the dark souls series, I did just get new world, the game is beautiful and they are about to release a new desert expansion so I have hopes for it, I have a lvl 25 player on the Valhalla server if any want to join me.

He would probs put his character on autorun and claim the AI would take care of any issues only to have his toon run off a cliff and die.


My first fromsoftware game is elden ring. I didn’t know what to expect. I do not consider myself “skilled” by any meaning of the word so I got demolished. Even when I got frustrated I was having fun. It was a very enjoyable challenge.

Easily the best game in the past decade. The only downside is the same one that I hear from most of the people I have talked to about the game(mostly while playing alongside them) is that It should have had a full coop experience rather than being as limited as it is.

My only piece of advice going in would be to have a mindset to explore rather than wanting to just go fight bosses. Unless you are both good and familiar with the game mechanics then you won’t be prepared to fight them.


I will have to pick this one up, thank you for the recommendation. I will try it, I will have to go get me a controller to play it because I have been told a controller is a must for this particular game.

i think his autism, specifically, is endearing, but thats about it.

He seems to be a smart business man thats gotten to work with some decent scientists and engineers because of his status.

i dont put much faith in him in regards to bettering the world or even public discourse, id love to see a public square that offers free speech, not only for our spoiled selves in the west, but for international communication as well.

as it is currently, you cant even post a literal fact about say crime in the west, you will be banned off every major social media platform. Even if its literally just gov statistics with nothing else attached to it.

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Playing video games (especially mmos) is a massive waste of time. I’m sure Elon doesn’t play games. He’s got better things to do.