I Wish The Buff Cap Would Be Removed :(

There’s a bug with buff caps and auras, somethings are pushing things off that shouldn’t be either. and a fix hasn’t been introduced yet.

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Real question, Blizzard posted back months ago when we were having glitches with buff limits that they were going to move a bunch of things to not count against it. Did they ever follow through with that?

That’s exactly what I’m saying…all my hardwork and effort all week gets fking knocked off my buff bar like its nothin as if I didn’t spend half the week working for them

Nope. so things from our gear like +hit act as an aura, and these thigns are getting pushed off, while in combat. you wonder why you have stupid resists 3 or 4 times in a row? this is why.

That was fixed a LONG time ago.

The reason you have 3-4 resists in a row is because there’s very little spell hit gear available and you need 16%.

Found the post,

So, they never fixed this?

It’s still not working right.

I’m having grey mobs resist 3 or 4 times in a row, with 10% +hit. Other reports about this are still happening.

Kind of I believe but they should of just removed it completely…Why? because don’t they realize as the game continues to go on…there will also be…

+Darkmoon faire buff
+ZG buff
+ZG zanza buff
+Traces of Silithyst

and ppl will want to use +83 FR buff too

NOT to mention all the more consumables and stuff and on use trinkets that come out sigh…its just gonna get worse and worse and like you said…have to be forced to have to choose less n less which is not fun and makes it less dynamic and give up some of your favorite con/buffs

Hmm, you always have 1% resist chance no matter what. Blizzards rng roller has always felt streaky to me. Sometimes I’ll slam crit after crit into something, other times resist spam to the point where I feel like I should just afk lmao.



I would tend to agree. But this happens on multiple occassions throughout testing, on different mobs as well, all grey 48 and down. Things like Improved CS is being highly resisted, even with 5/5 in that talent (for testing purposes only)

I think what Blizzard doesn’t understand is that the game is 100% discovered and figured out…and because of that…it brings the community great joy to be able to utilize that knowledge to its pull game-play potential and push the limits and compete and blow minds…but…for some reason its literally shunned and non-permitted or something…its just sad…its a game…its supposed to be fun…

They really aren’t.

If it isn’t fun, go play something else.

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There is an innate 1% chance for all spells to be resisted that can never be removed no matter how much +Hit you have.


Obviously i already know this. This isn’t just my rng nonsense, there’s a whole thread on it in the bug forums.

And it’s just not the mage class either.

That’s literally all it is. You don’t even have enough auras self buffed (including any would-be bugged +Hit gear counting as auras) to reach the buff limit and push them off. Hell, against gray mobs, you wouldn’t need ANY +Hit. Yet you still get resisted.

The issue regarding +Hit gear counting as an aura and being pushed off was fixed months ago in Phase 1. Our Rogues and Warriors confirmed this. Our Mages and Warlocks never had the issue to begin with, because there wasn’t enough +Hit gear in the game with the buffs they’d get in addition to ever reach the cap.

Have you heard of confirmation bias? You see resists a lot and just assume it’s a bug. It’s RNG. Welcome to it.


What you’re describing is min/max to the absolute extreme. Which is not required to do this content. This isn’t mathematically impossible C-thun. This is 15 year old content in it’s final state. Non of this is “needed”.
Everyone porting out for repsecs on certain bosses too? :rofl:


Except you didn’t? Batching wasn’t added to the game in the middle of the fight. It’s been there the whole time. If you didn’t adjust for it and hit the button before you needed it then you were too late.

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I wish there were a little more buff spaces
I wish I could melt faces
I wish I had a spec, that could meme, I could raid with
I wish I had a pally with Thunderfury and a reck bomb
and no one would call me basic…