I tested out the HOJ triple swing bug

no they simply put in reck charges not being gained from ONLY using /sit which is what was the case in Vanilla and the reference client

to get what you want, they would have to remove spell batching completely which they won’t so here’s a /cookie

They both exist and are both bugs.

However, the sit/crit spell batching exploit is made four times as worse due to the HOJ macro exploit.

So, while they are both individual bugs / exploits, when combined together, they are just crazy.

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I’ll enjoy your tears later when it’s patched.

when they remove spell batching?

not gonna happen broheim

What do you mean fall farther behind? If you’re falling behind it’s because you’re not doing it right. Rogue is incredibly easy to play.

hai rozen!

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my bad let me find blizzards magic fix button and press it.

Ohai Theloras!

one last attempt to explain it to you

when you SPAM stopattack attack macro IT DOESNT STOP THE ACTUAL SWING TIMER(its jsut not shown through swing timer addons)…THEREFORE due to batching you see swing+hoj+next swing all at once while without batching you would only see the last 2 together. DESPITE what you see ON SCREEN the damage is ACTUALLY the same

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ill get my magic fix it button out and press it ok?

And this explains the one shotting, completely unbalanced damage…how exactly? You seem to forget that there’s this part of the game called the enemy player’s health, which is very much depicting that this isn’t just a visual bug.


As bad as it sounds, more exposure is a good thing when fixing bugs.

You should know this

Exactly. My goal here is to make it known so that there is more pressure to fix it.

I’m sure the WoW classic community is sheltering their young over the incoming scourge of rampaging paladins.

I mean it is funny but also pretty serious too.

So stopping your swing should be resetting your swing timer.

This is the issue right here. Imagine a swing speed of 3 seconds.

You attack a mob with auto attack. ‘0’ being the attack.
3 2 1 0 / 3 2 1 0 / 3 2 1 0 - basic behaviour
3 2 /stopattack /startattack 3 2 1 0 - how its supposed to work and reset of swing.
3 2 1 0 / (hoj proc) 0 / 3 2 1 0 - hoj proc for instant attack and reset of swing.
3 /stopattack /startattack (rek proc) 0 / 3 2 1 0 - rek proc causing instant attack and reset of swing.
3 (rek proc) 0 / 3 2 1 0 - rek proc causing instant attack and reset of swing.
3 (rek proc) /stopattack /startattack 0 / (hoj proc) 0 / 3 2 1 0 - rek proc with stopped attack and a hoj proc on the instant and reset of swing.

Why are swings not resetting. A hoj proc simply causes your current swing to cast with a 0 time and then reset your swing and will not ‘bank’ if your not swinging.

A rek proc simply causes your current swing to cast with a 0 time and then reset your swing and will ‘bank’ if your not swinging.

next swing is supposed to be your swing time later, not instantly aswell. When you beging to attack a mob your swing timer isnt already at zero - it begins a cast. Bascially by stating what you are stating is nothing is resetting the swing timer correctly and using /stop/start attack actually does nothing

Im now talking combat logs, not ther visual damage.

They could simply remove the auto crit from being struck while /sit to begin with. Its an easy fix and one that no player would then go on and be abel to break.

you aren’t sitting when the game batches it my dude - that’s where you lose your argument

so again, in order for you to get what you want, spell batching would have to be removed from Classic


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If you arnt sitting when the game batches it how does it know to give an auto crit?

the wondrous beauty and magic of #SpellBatching my friend

So by removing the auto crit from being sitting at the time - you can no longer game it for a free crit 100% of the time due to this.

Every crit would infact be a real crit. (Im talking about the chance to be crit), therefore self balancing this behaviour.

HoJ and rek and many other extra attacks behave this way until you add in a /stop/start macro, then it gives the swinging attack that caused the proc, the instant attack from the proc, and then fails to reset the swing timer and causes the next swing to have a cast time of less than 3 seconds. How can this not be a clear cut case of exploiting batching to affect melee swing/trinket proc/rek proc behaviour.