I tested out the HOJ triple swing bug


cuz it is literally…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…



Oh yeah, and the raid exp bug was in the reference client too - correct?

As well as the demo shout bug.

And the honor bug.

And the engineering bugs.

And the priests being unable to suffer a melee critical strike through shield bug.

And the Druid, hunter and rogue bugs.

Yeah let’s stick with the REFERENCE client!


what you just listed were NOT in the reference client - hence they were fixed


And what makes you think HOJ bug is in the reference client?


Many who wanted and abused it did state it was like so in vanilla.

Demo shout was never that broken in vanilla. There was definatly an issue with adding total threat to each mob instead of spreading to across all mobs.

Regardless of them existing or not in vanilla, they were removed from Classic.


I’m specifically referring to Gildan and his crusade against Reckoning - I have no idea nor skin the game regarding HoJ since I’m only level 48 :stuck_out_tongue:

but Reckoning charges via spell batching are 100% certainly in the reference client


Do you have personal access to the reference client Theloras? How do you know its on there - if things made it into the game that were checked and fixed - could it stand that the instant attack bug is also incorrect?


I don’t need to lol - we have literal video evidence from Vanilla showing it in action as well as Baconn’s reply back to me last summer


But you also stated that the attacks all landing at once and not resetting your swing timer are also in the reference client and were active and known about in vanilla.


dude, do all of us a favour and just read the bug report here:



Only because it creates a bigger issue with another bug. And still wont aknowledge to the ‘not a bug’ post in regards to them having it intentionally not generate procs. Exploiting spell batching as a workaround aside.


seal twisting says hello yet again


I have read that.

Update 4:
I stand corrected. It was possible to abuse this in retail vanilla due to server lag.

Along comes classic and teh devs decided to not have it work. Along comes a paladin on a crusade to break their fix. And here we are, again.

Around and around we go!!!

Oh look - a chance to use creative use of forum posting mechanics and you can quote me saying what i copied as if i actually said it.


It’s simple really.

You know they say all classes are created equal. But you look at pallies and you look at rogues and you can see that that statement is not true! You see normally if you go 1 on 1 with another class you got a 50/50 chance of winning! But pallies are OP and are not normal! So rogues have a 25%, at best, chance to beat a pally! And then you add warriors to the mix and the rogues chances of winning go down drastically! You see ,in a three way in AV, rogues have a 33 1/3% chance of winning. But pallies, pallies have a 66 2/3% chance of winning because warriors know they can’t beat pallies so they wont even try! So take a rogues 33 1/3% chance of winning and subtract the pallies 25% chance and you find they have an 8 1/3% chance of winning in AV. But then you take a pallies 75% chance of winning if they were to go 1 on 1 and then add 66 2/3% and you find pallies have a 141 2/3% chance of winning in AV! You see? The numbers don’t lie and they spell disaster for rogues in AV!

Something must be done!


that’s repeating of course…


all they did was make it like it was in Vanilla whereby you could not just use a /sit macro or pressing X once

since they added spell batching for Classic, it is performing exactly as it was in 1.12

TLDR - Reckoning is working exactly as it was in Vanilla


Is this logic?


It was actually well thought out, and it’s not really a troll post(everyone loves to call everything a troll post even when the person writing it is serious…) but you reply to what you would call “troll”posts all the time. At least his is well thought out and when people click on this post they’ll actually learn something. It’s much better than replying “can I have your stuff?” And bumping even dumber “troll” posts all the time.


per Kevin Jordan yes - if the mechanic was present in the 1.12 reference client (bug or not) then by definition it should stay in Classic



That’s not what was stated. Bugs and exploits exist regardless of when they were created.