I tested out the HOJ triple swing bug

And, yeah, unfortunately it works like a charm. My warrior friend was able to attack three times every time when he got a hand of justice proc (instead of the supposed-to-be 2).

Pretty frustrating to see this bug in action, and goodness knows how many melee are currently, or will be, exploiting it. Say goodbye to 1handed fury raid DPS being better than 2handed fury, especially for the horde side. And rogues will be even further behind in DPS.

And, even more frightening - prepared to be dealt over 3k of your health in one white swing comes nax if this isn’t fixed by then.


ok dude, so i had a feeling you were…“special”, since it looked you were “complaining” about this for quite a few hours so i decided to check your posting history.

So not disapointed. You managed to complain on the forums about this issue for over 24 hours!! (do you work?sleep?).

Now, i also saw you defend batching, attack batching, defend changes, attack changes…basicly jsut defenting/attacking whatever was more convenient to you (not judging, i think thats very normal to do for the majority of people that unfortunately lack the brain power to actually THINK, nonetheless im sure you are a wonderfull human being)

Now i dont quite understand your 24+ hour crusade about this issue, since :

1-doesnt really affect you or your class
2-it based of procs…of chances…of procs…so its not like something it will happen often…at all
3-you dont even quite understand both batching AND the issue here (clearly seen by the evolution of your complaints…that went form reckoning stacks…to crits…to hoj…to macro…and im curious to see where its going to go now.

Plain and simple m8, and do try to gather all your brain power to understand this and then, close this tab and actually go play the game! BEcause, if playing a game for 18+ hours is unrealistic, somewhat socially disabling, bad for your health and jsut overall Terrible in every aspect of what being a human being is…THEN being on the forums of THAT game for that amount of time is even worse.

Reckoning stacks have been around for 15 years
sitting to stack them has been around for 15 years
stop attack macro has been around for 15 years
What you are seeing is NOT a bug NEITHER is an “EXTRA” attack but rather the result of batching merging 2 white hits, one of them delayed, with a proc.

Its not game changing at all, it defenitly took the guy SEVERAL attempts to even get it on video, and it DEFINITELY does not warrant a forum crusader creating several posts about it over the past 24 hours…

Understand this VERY simple thing, if batchign wasnt here, you would still get the same effect the only diference is that one of the hits damage would only be visible a second later…


think i heard somewhere that when you interrupt your autoattack swing, your next swing hits twice but only ever stacks this once so u cant just interrupt like 10 in a row to get 10 hits in 1 swing but idk how this would affect extra swing items

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I hate it when Hammer of Justice triple procs and I’m stunned for 18s…that is what we’re talking about right???


Bad pally is mad because they are trash without abusing exploits


You just typed a really long reply to a troll post. Looks like more than one person needs to work on their brain power.


“Hello, 911?

I just witnessed a murder!”


nothing is going to happen if you dont like it just quit…lol.

This is the way.


2 hand fury was already better due to another bug that’s not likely addressed yet either.

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Does the bug involve the severe lack of drops of raid 2handers? DW fury is alot more powerful in later phases due to the amount of AP attainable. Bloodthirst doing 45% damage of your total ap, dw for rage generation + flurry uptime.

In this gear ap values arnt quite as high and flurry uptimes arnt perfect. "h fury is hands down better horde side due to wf procs, but on alliance, dw and 2h are about ther same - for now.

Lol ya weapons in general don’t drop often at all, but the fury 2 hand bug is rather subtle but strong.

Going to assume here that blizzard has not fixed it given the speed of bug fixes in this game.

Last I checked fury with a 2 hand weapon did not consume flurry so you essentially have a haste buff the whole time.

It consumes it using a 2h weap - some abilities arnt reducing the charges though. Its not perma flurry. My flurry uptime on ONY tonight witha 2h weap.

Omg finally alliance we have a edge. And look! We’re making rogues QQ.


Ok for a while there I was on your side, but now that you’re just spamming new threads I’m not. I hope they don’t fix it just to spite you.


if you really are so worried about this “exploit” then spamming topics on it to let everyone know how exactly to do it is probably not the best idea


Action might be taken to fix it instead of letting a few players become absurdly overpowered - or get confirmation this it isnt an exploit so we can all do it.

What are you more afraid of?

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Fair enough, but according to the second post ITT it’s just a visual side effect of spell batching and not an actual exploit. That makes sense to me

Until you look at combat logs and can not account for a free hit. Still no one can come up with a reasonable explaination of why it generates an addition instant attack, except to say because of the way spell batching works. Ill get yet another link from yet another thread asking for an explaination from you - maybe you can answer it.


My testing last night confirmed it is not a visual bug. The warrior legitimately gained windfury when he HOJ procced and chunked nearly all of my health with a single swing.

HOJ is SUPOOSED TO = 1 extra swing on hit.

HOJ is currenting = 2 extra swings on hit.

In a vacuum, this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, right? A single extra swing on a 2% proc wouldn’t be that game breaking right?

But you have to factor in that the extra swing (beyond the one granted by HOJ) is considered an extra auto attack. This attack can further proc HOJ, sword specialization, windfury, etc. so it exponentially increases proc chance.

Moreover, although I haven’t done testing on it, it appears that an extra swing would also be granted on sword spec procs, windfury procs, thrash blade procs, etc.

So let’s say you get a windfury proc. That gives you two extra attacks but with the bug gives you 3. That third extra one procs HOJ which also gives you two instead of the intended one. So that is FIVE attacks in one swing. Much, much more powerful than intended.