I tested out the HOJ triple swing bug

Gotta love that logic. “I don’t like this single aspect of the game. I think I’ll just quit the game.”

that is literally working as intended - what you wrote earlier stated that the Paladin would attack THREE times instead of one


How is this intended if the instant attack makes the swing you are currently swinging zero, and then resets your swing timer. The next attack you make should be your swing speed later - not instantly.

Reck gives 1 instant attack - ther same as hoj. Exploiting a macro allows it to giver 2 instant attacks - the same as hoj. And this is made a 100% chance - unlike the 2% chance on hoj - because of abusing a /sit macro to get a 100% chance to recieve a crit.

oy to the vey - you turn off your auto attack in order to gain reck charges - and that macro does that for you

using the macro doesn’t magically give you 2 bonus swings on top of your white


This makes no sense though, stopping your attack and starting your attack resets your swing timer, not put it to zero.

Edit: And if that is truly the cause of the extra attack, then doing so with no HoJ should cause the same thing.


^^^ding ding ding^^^

But for instant attacks whern using this macro it swings at 0 time - twice.

Dont make me link the video in here so you can see it, and then ignore it.

again, which is exactly how the talent was designed to function

Oh please, I’m not even arguing that this bug or w/e doesn’t exist. Just not so sure people saying certain things are the cause of it are accurate. Again I could see these issues just arrising from batching + server lag

if you don’t believe me, then I suggest you watch old school vanilla era reck bomb videos:

in every single Reck Bomb sequence, you will see them have auto-attack turned OFF in order to gain charges - which they then unleash all at once on their target

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No it is not. Reckoning reduced your swing timer to zero and then reset it, back to its full duration.

No, they had auto attack off to allowing rek procs to then bank up until used, otherwise it would have used them instantly. What happens if your attack is on when you get a rek proc (not a charge) - it makes your current swing instant and then starts again.

What is happening now is and proc (again not banking them) is giving 2 instant attacks that hit within the same timestamp before starting your swing timer again.

i literally give up…

I’m fairly sure the issue isn’t that Reck bombs exist… It’s that the stop attack start attack macro is giving too many swings, than what it should


it’s not though lol - he is conflating two completely separate things

I have said many times i have no issue with a rek bomb.

This is one of the issues

The other being a paladin can create an instant attack 100% of the time against a target (nothing to do with my crit chance) and can then also cause that instant attack to also gain an additional attack. And by having a hoj proc additional extra attacks again.

nerf swing timer add-ons then?

PS Warriors can maintain permanent Enrage as well friendo while using spell batching mechanics…


Good job man. Now they’re going to all make their posting history private.

But we are not supposed to be able to. /sit isnt supposed to be able to proc crit reactive abilities. Im not just picking on paladins here.

Thnak you for posting that video. Now - was this how rek behaviour was in 2004-2006? Should that be considered an axploit - he does mention ‘free hits’.

Continue this tommorrow - my spelling is getting worse and i need sleep.

sweet tasting tears of agonizing rogueness…