I Solemnly Swear to Always Call Out Rustfeather and the Arachnoid Harvester in General - Mechagon and to Slow My DPS To Allow Others Time to Arrive

(Akston) #54

I’ll be honest. A portion of me not wanting to call out rustfeather is out of spite.

If I sit there waiting 30 mins for it to spawn, I often don’t feel like being other peoples alarm clock, who were out killing other rares, etc.

I am not saying I am proud of this. But if I am honest, that is an emotion that bubbles up.

(Hamstar) #55

I have both sat there and went there after a call out. I like to pay it forwards.

(Rorrand) #56

That probably works better, but I was going for the serenity that comes with knowing you’re doing the right thing.

But yeah, your word works better. Changed!

(Caelia) #57

You should codeblock your initial post. You’re missing the asterisks in the px*100,py*100 because the forum auto formats that into italics. I’m used to seeing it, so it stood out to me, but others might not catch that.




I am trying to do better at calling things out, but at least I dps slowly and let people get there. Or maybe I’m just slow at dps…

(Spiçy) #60

Theres an addon specifically for calling out Mechagon rares to your amigos. I got it because the more people that have it the more we all get to touch a rare…until it dies

(Greatbobbo) #61

Can’t you just make one appear whenever you want?

(Hamstar) #62

UR also BM hunter?


I have several characters parked in mechagon for an efficient farming rotation. Mostly have its respawn time pinpointed, and i burn the damn bird as soon as it spawns with all my cooldowns… Even tho i already got the mount and the plans on every toon.

(Hella) #64

You’re a good boy Rorrand!

Gives good boy Rorrand a treat

(Jandrenna) #65

I’ve seen it around Dazar’alor quite a bit, but the thing about cool rare mounts is that you see them more often than their drop rate simply because you have people trying to show them off.

(Phelios) #66

I hit it once. Thatis enough for me.

(Mooriartee) #67

Serenity now! Serenity now!

/moo :cow:

(Chihao) #68

There was a mage calling rustfeather up every 2 minutes. He somehow made like 30 people wait there for rustfeather from 0. Got tired of his sh*t, went down the hill, it actually spawned, and I missed the kill.

Still have him on block though

(Caelia) #69

I do the same thing. Boost that health pool a bit to let some more folks make it to him, or any other rare.


I asked someone posting in zone and he said he uses addon “rare share”. Said there is one for Mech and Naz.


I like to call out when their down to 1% area. Just watch them swoop in as it dies. Down with society and its rules!!!


We could celebrate by burning something down…wait…thats been done before. Damn it ><

(Azreluna) #73

Now we just need map coordinates to be built into the game.