I smell a change coming

And winner for worst take in 2021 award goes to…

those are axioms,
tautologies are a statements that are proven to be true without relying on any axiom.

Likewise. You guys will mostly be fighting yourselves.

Love that big bark of his, FvF seen a bunch of people complaining about premades. We’ll be seeing threads of Horde crying about facing Alliance and Horde premades. I’m just wondering how far Blizzard will go to appease the whiners.

I’ll concede that.

Regardless… I’m posing a challenge that many of these Alliance folks are afraid to take up.


The way I see the “premade” situation is similar to how our body fights a wound/infection. As soon as it senses a problem, it (our body) sends everything it can - including the kitchen sink - at the issue.

It’s the same for Alliance being outnumbered. They’ve been on the losing end and now they’re responding in a way to fix the problem.

They’re under attack and so they’re rallying.

It’s human nature. A lot of people will just roll over, but there will always be a portion who will work to fix the problem through resisting.

Until Blizz offers a valid solution to this (supposed) problem … my hat is off to those clever players who aren’t throwing in the towel and giving up like almost every other thread I read on here.

i get your point, 50/50% pug winrate is a heaven that everyone would want, but in reality the first one who filters out noobs/casuals from their avs - win

horde filters: Long Queues,
alliance filters: Community Coordination

i dont get it, just because our recent filter discovery filters casuals better than the one you’ve been using to achieve 90% winrate before - now thats a problem? whaat?


Ban all usage of Discord and other third-party communication methods.

Thank you.

You’re too kind.

You’re adorable and I love you.




Why should anyone take it seriously?

Don’t shame me, its 2021…

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Because if group stacking isn’t happening and the “just social” aspect is the key, then it wouldn’t matter.

How many sub-70 toons get in these pre-made teams? What about fresh 70’s who’re still in quest gear? They’re just as entitled to queue up.

they literally allow to queue as a group of 5 for AV

This doesn’t follow. You are making a lot of assumptions you haven’t justified such as:

  • Premades are doing “group stacking”
  • Defining what “group stacking” is
  • Premades are not doing “just social”
  • Defining what “just social” is
  • Justifying exclusivity between “group stacking” and “just social”
  • Relating any outcome of experience to any of the above

Just for starters.

Sounds like you’re admittedly making grand assumptions and choosing the least favorable interpretation. Poor form.

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I’m talking about a raid group. You know, premades, the full groups you can roll pugs in the other BGs with.

Personally, I’m glad that they made that change to let you play with friends in AV when they made the other change to stop Alliance premades, though.

I’m not the one claiming pre-made teams are just social. Others are.

And for the rest, you know what I mean.

…and? Your “challenge” still presupposes too many things for anyone to take it seriously for the exact reasons I stated.

No. At this point I don’t actually trust most posters who have an axe to grind to actually argue in good faith so define your terms.

Players aren’t playing as intended. When you deliberately filter out undesirable players (low level, poor gear, not enough healers, etc) you end up lumping thise other players into poorly stacked groups while taking the better for your own team. That’s unfair to both the opposing team and to those who are not willing or able to participate in your thing.