I smell a change coming

The last time we saw pre-made teams stomping Horde in AV or Horde teams farming graveyards for long periods of time, Blizzard did step up and do something. I felt the changes implemented during Classic were measured and appropriate. I also took it as a signal that such behaviors were frowned upon. Now that we see these behaviors coming back, and apparently in full force, I think we’ll see a change coming our way. Which will it be? I’m not sure. Here are the possibilities in my mind, in the approximate order of likelyness:

  • Significantly increased deserter debuffs with a blue post condemning the behavior and threatening stricter penalties should the behaviors continue
  • Merc mode enabled in AV
  • FvF available for AV
  • Banwaves with whatever gains participating players earned stripped from them (this is the least likely, but it’ll make me smile the most)

Blizz just needs to enforce their EULA and ban anyone organizing premades on Discord.


I hate how reasonable you are. It breaks the typical ally narrative for the forums. You need to be a victim, and arbitrarily blame things on other people.

How dare you.


this. a thousand times THIS.
WoW client needs to have a special detector builtin that autobans you if you run discord + WoW at the same time.
of course, this won’t catch all the cheaters… some of these dastardly fiends will have a 2nd computer for their discord… so sneaky


They’ll probably go old school and start using telephones.


That is the most absurd comment I’ve ever read. If troll 10/10.


Let’s keep the discussion civil, please.

Wait, I dont get this. ALOT of people use discord to talk with guildies and friends. How does it make any sense to ban people.

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People are using Discord to gain an unfair advantage in battlegrounds.


What ever you guys are smoking I gotta get on that stuff. lol

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So, here’s the rub. You can’t do that with 3rd party communication software. You just can’t.

So the realistic thing to do is put the random delay back in for people queuing for AV. Also, working with the company that develops Discord to minimize the disruption.

Years ago, you couldn’t coordinate like this, you just couldn’t. The limitations of Raid Call, Team Speak, and Ventrillo prevented it.

While I agree that Discord is “part” of the challenge here, doing auto prevention isn’t the solution. It would be far too disruptive to the entire community.

Sure you can.

Blizz bans people for using third party software all the time.

The first time they did, the last time they didn’t. The last time being Dec 2020/Jan 2021 when this forum was flooded with AV premade topics.

The alliance AV queue at night got to about 15 mins. The horde AV queue got to 2 mins.

Blizzard did nothing.

What ended that? Well, horde decided one AV weekend to stop attacking alliance players on the way south and start base racing. Once the alliance had what they wanted (base races are the fastest HPH) many stopped premading as it was no longer needed. When do the alliance start premading? When they mostly stop playing AV because horde are farming them for 30 mins and they don’t get anything out of it and therefore the number of AVs goes DOWN allowing the possibility of opening more games by queue syncing.

The reality I and some others on here have figured out (and I actually find base racing to be mind-numbingly boring) is that base racing is great HPH for both sides with the games being fast and if more alliance queue for it for their honor more horde get in games. This is a lot of how people got their honor in the original TBC and it felt easy because it was.


The funny thing is that there’s an ingame VOIP you can use.

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Sure, let’s ban 99% of the playerbase now. Because using discord is cheating, right?

You know once upon a time there was Ventrilo and Teamspeak?


Everyone hates it in spite of the fact it works really well now.


Sometimes you have to make a stand for what’s right. No matter the cost.

How dare you to communicate with other players in a MMO where all is about community and communication.


The cost of simply destroying the core of this game which is communication and coordination? This is what MMO is all about and you want to get rid of that?

People queueing in Arena should not be allowed to communicate with each other too. That’s too much of an advantage.

While we’re at it people with mouse with 12 buttons on the side should be banned too. That’s too much options.

How far you must punish everyone because you can’t figure this game out?


I love the justifications they try and argue.

Man, I’d simply cancel my sub if I had to play with Alliance players.