I smell a change coming

Should be ban all the bracket people from classic?

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Banning players for using Discord is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard lol. No way would Blizzard ever even consider doing this. Let’s throw that idea out right now Lolol


Love this :heart:

It’s a start.

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I’m sending this thread to all my friends in Discord.

  1. Hundreds of Alliance gathering in discord and then dropping down to their BG channel is NOT premading. It’s communicating with others in your BG.

  2. Blizzard isn’t the FBI and no laws are being broken. The idea that discord would even blink at this is crazy.

YEA , ban everyone using discord to gain an unfair advantage against Gruul.
stupid ppl, cry me a river, crybabies


I checked with the percent oracles. They say 25% chance of change.

hey, its horde asking, u never know when bizz gonna kneel and u know…


Oh Glinda for crying out loud.

This isn’t embedded in WoW and has nothing to do with the WoW client. It’s totally separate. Big difference there. This “third party software” argument is crazy. You might as well be yelling about raiders using a “third party software” when they watch raid strats on youtube.


Who doesn’t use discord or something similar when raiding or grouping. Doesn’t wow even have its own version?

WTF? So those of us who run discord for raid/guild comms should just get banned?

I hate to break it to you but some of us prefer to use voice comms for social reasons, its been that way since WoW launched. Just because you are anti-social and choose not to talk to people while playing, does not mean those of us that do should get banned for it.


I think they were being sarcastic. :wink:

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Man, I love how people justify/rationalize their toxic behavior. Reductive logic, willful ignorance, red herrings, strawmen… it’s all here.

A credible threat that WoW wouldn’t work while Discord is running would do it.
Lots are resolved between companies without going through a court.

Yes, the way they are doing this in those public Discord channels IS premading. You’ve premade the groups in a 3rd party software for people to join when they join the instance in game. Just because it’s not “premade” in WoW, doesn’t mean the structure isn’t premade. Which it clearly is.

Blizzard already provides communication in game for BGs. There’s a wonderful chat feature that has been there since beta in 2003.

By playing an mmo with other people? It would only be unfair if the other team couldn’t use discord. Go hide in your safe space


This thread is some of your best work.


LOL, only in WoW would people complain that players are being TOO SOCIAL!



I promise you that Blizzard won’t even consider it. Almost the entire WoW community uses it and it would be much too disruptive to take it away. Blizzard already gets enough flack for other reasons, they aren’t going to pile on for no reason.

Unless Blizz feels like further reducing their subs I guess

But let’s not get worked up here. There isn’t a single player with a connected brain that thinks Discord would be outlawed by Blizzard


Nah thats a horde thing. They are the ones crying here and being lame