I quit playing my mage

I can’t seem to kill more than 1 guy at a time while questing, and that one fight usually means I need to sit down and eat a mana bun. My shield is worth about 1 hit, maybe two and then it’s gone. I try to stay away from them and a frost nova locks them in place until I hit them with 1 or two hits. Everything that I quest at has some sort of jump to me, dash to me, blink to me or last but not least a rope me to them. Questing just sux as a mage like no other.

I think the final draw was Torghast, where as a mage I get stunned or knocked down if I use blink OR frost nova. the stun is long enough that any benefit from using either is lost. One of the powerful mage spells is to have the cooldown of blink reset if you blink through something ( I assume this is so I can rapid stun myself? )

Compare that with a hunter’s options, a tar trap size increased by 100%,and 3x to 4x tar trap 15% more sticky ( i.e. nothing moves ) The hunter is not knocked down when he throws the trap, the hunter is not stunned for the whole duration of the trap when the trap goes off. The hunter pet is his shield, the hunter pet can be healed. I almost never have to stop and eat. The hunter lives the good life whether questing or dungeons.

Warlock questing rocks as good if not better than the hunter. my warlock loves large crowds. if my warlock dies it’s because I had 10+ or 20+ on me as opposed to just 1 or 2. I almost never have to stop and eat.

Mages are great as long as you are not questing, in dungeons and raids you rock… but so does the hunter and so does the warlock.

I just tried to play my mage again and do one quest and I’m pretty sure it still sux.


Try playing mage, it’s not that bad.

Sounds like a learn to play issue.


What spec were you playing? Some of what you are talking about is simply gear issues. If you are trying to gear in Korthia as a fresh 60 Mage… yeah you are going to struggle. Locks and Hunters don’t notice this as much because of the pets.

As an arcane mage, I can melt groups of elites that comprise world quests. Questing in Ardenweald this morning, I obliterated 6 elite mobs in about 12 seconds. I can still take damage, yeah, but between shield, snare, slow, blink, etc. I rarely go below 50% health and you can kit out Ice Block to eventually restore health. Fire spec might struggle in this regard, but they have just a little bit better mobility/defensive options to make up for lacking a meaningful slow in their kit.

Basically, Mages are THE glass cannon class, so it hurts us more when the cannon part of the package is more bark than bite, but you stick with it and get comfortable/geared and I bet your opinion will change pretty quickly.

After reviewing (and playing some) other ranged dps classes, Mage will always be my choice.


Still playing my mage… but only minimally.

  • My guild burned out. Both the heroic and epic raid teams have stopped raiding this tier due to lack of interest. This routinely happens near the end of each expansion, but I’ve never seen it happen in the middle of an expansion between major content patches.
  • Alliance server population is collapsing. I get more gold vendoring epics, blues and greens than I do DE’ing them and selling the mats. That’s the first time I’ve seen this happen except in the gap after the final content patch of an expansion in 15+ years of WoW.
  • Basically, it feels like WoW is on its way out the door. The game feels very much like a “has been”. It feels like the devs have run out of ideas for making a fun game and are just going through the motions.

These days, I’m pretty much only logging in to dispatch followers from my mission table.


It sounds like you’re just undergeared or not used to playing mage. If you just dinged 60 and jumped straight into Korthia you may have some of these issues since the mobs are scaled up a little…otherwise, Arcane usually burns down mobs fast and allows a lot of kiting with instant-cast slows.

It sucks to play many classes while undergeared.

Frost feels the way to go for leveling and is a killer in Torghast single player.

Get yourself the most OP legendary for frost single player game play. That is Grisley Icicle. And then take the double frost Nova talent.

When you frost Nova a target, the Nova will not break no matter how much damage you do and you can funnel ice lances into it tell they die. You can literally farm large packs of mobs and not take a scratch with this legendary.

The only problem is your frost Nova will break from other players damaging your target.

I boosted people through Torghast using this leggo.

No it’s not. Freezing winds.

Lightbringer is a shell of what it once was, I feel like. A little depressing to see. But I guess this goes for a lot of Alliance servers.

They meant in Torghast, and Grisly Ice is definitely pretty insane in Torghast. But I agree with the spirit of what you’re saying: it’s not worth the craft unless you have excess resources.

Kinda late here but are you using the intuition power where you have to do the 4 spells in order for the buff? If you get it wrong it knocks you down and stuns. Check your buffs at the start of a floor and do the spells in order. Took me a little while to figure out why I was getting stunned after blink.

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Man, stick with hunter. They are more worth your time than mage


It feels that way because it’s true. It’s been true for about 8 years now.


It’s not a learn to play issue lol. It’s a blizzard nerfing frost for 2-3 expansions. And frost not receiving any sort of buff and change besides some reverts

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None of that is why the op is struggling.

I had a mage outheal me in a bg and i was resto

Now that. That is a true learn to play issue lol

No it’s not. Absorbs from Triunes Ward count as healing.

You literally have zero clue what you’re talking about.

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It’s really clear you don’t. Good night

Considering I have a mage and yes all three barriers from triune count as healing.

I suggest breaking 1750 before commenting about anything


I don’t have to do anything. You’re a scrub and don’t play mage at all so keep hiding in your stealth bud. Cuz you don’t know anything