I multibox a dungeon without software, gonna ban me still?

You aren’t creating multiple actions on multiple accounts via single actions, thus aren’t streamlining the multiboxing process. Just because you are making the process easier, it doesn’t mean you are mirroring actions. What they are looking for are actions that create additional new actions on other accounts.

They aren’t hitting people because they are using dual monitors or anything that makes playing one account at a time easier to do.

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They’ve now moved beyond the 1 input 1 output requirement, and are banning any software which facilitates multiboxing and makes it easier.

It’s no longer about 1:1 actions, it’s about multibox helping programs.

No. Stop creating an oppression fantasy that doesn’t exist. They aren’t going to ban you for using dual monitors, keyboards, mice and computers to play your accounts.

That is your interpretation of streamlining. Unfortunately they don’t provide a precise definitiion in the article. I’m assuming they are really just targeting all types of input broadcasting now, including hardware, but leaving the definition vague enough so they can interpret it however they choose. At any rate I’ll continue to operate under the assumption that they way I multi-box is still permitted :slight_smile:

P.S. Window switching multi-boxing, even when partially automated, is much less efficient than input broadcasting to multiple windows.

Funny how all the things you just mentioned are pieces of hardware, but I was referring to software.

Except they did. Anything that mirrors your actions. This means when you create an action, there is software that is creating additional actions on other accounts using that action.

AHEM, all this runs off something called drivers. And without them, you cannot streamline your gameplay using this equipment. Thus is completely fine to include in this response.

or streamline multi-boxing in any way

This is really the only thing I have to quote in order to prove that we’re now moving beyond only disallowing action mirroring.

There’s no further argument on the topic, the man himself already proves the point with the policy update.

…/ or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.

Is what is being discussed, the part that comes after their statement on mirroring.

Ahh, I see Shy beat me to the punch :slight_smile:

Using your logic all drivers running all hardware to normally play the game is banned. I’m sorry but you are creating a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s obvious they are after mirroring of actions.

Asking for specifics is helpful, pretending that everyone is getting banned because they are using perfectly legitimate normal methods of playing a game is creating a narrative and oppression fantasy that doesn’t exist.

Their november update was about action mirroring. Today’s update is very clearly moving beyond action mirroring.

The fact that you can’t see that in the language of the policy update today is actually baffling, but given the average intelligence in the WoW community, maybe not.

Like I said…asking about specifics is one thing, mentioning things like Alt-Tab getting you banned is not only insanity, its just hyperbole and patently false information designed for shock value to create an issue that doesn’t exist.

I’m alt-tabbing into this forum while I play WoW. Guess I’ll see you guys in 6 months, I’m just streamlining my gameplay…

The mindset of the people on these forums…

Who even said that?

And guess what allows that mouse to even do this streamlining process? Software stored on your hard drive.

And if you use alt-tab with your keyboard, that’s even more egregious…especially if you use a special key on your keyboard to swap with one button, that’s straight up automaton, just NUKE THE ACCOUNT FOR GOOD!

This is what your logic sounds like to me.

Diggitydave said that. I don’t know the guy. Why are you wrapping me up in his reply lol.

You directly replied to my comment about software and mentioned hardware. I’m not sure why you’re lumping me in with Diggitydave’s position.

This is a quote designed to create a massive oppression fantasy that DOES NOT EXIST.

This doesn’t exist. It doesn’t. There isn’t some massive banwave of people who don’t use any software. Maybe a false positive here and there, but not TONS OF PEOPLE GETTING BANNED rofl.

Okay go ahead and be pedantic with the word “tons”

You’re actually the first person to even make an issue with that comment, so the only person actually being victimized by a situation of “hyperbole and patently false information designed for shock value” is you.

Thankfully since it’s only you who feels oppressed, then I’m not worried about the back and forth on this particular topic, and we can resume talking about the definitions of today’s multiboxing policy update, which moves beyond simply disallowing action mirroring, and moves to disallow all software or hardware which may automate or streamline the mulitboxing process in any way.

I’m not using that word, you are.

You are the one making the claim that blizzard is banning tons of perfectly legal regular people using multiple accounts in a perfectly legal way.

This isn’t me doing it. It’s you doing it.
This isn’t me doing it. It’s you doing it.

Creating a forum thread to ask for specifics is one thing.

Creating a forum thread to bring to everyone’s attention a massive sweeping ban that doesn’t exist on perfectly regular people doing perfectly regular things…that doesn’t exist…and using this thing that didn’t exist as a springboard to post conclusions…is another thing.

Like I said, you’re the only one actually freaking out about it and acting like I’m affecting the minds of millions of children around the globe.

So with that in mind I really don’t care how it appears since it’s only affecting you. Have fun with your fragility.

Meanwhile I’ll be discussing today’s policy update.

Oh my god man are you going to be okay? You are really shaken by this lol. I feel bad, like I’ve disturbed the stability of a child’s mind.

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