I multibox a dungeon without software, gonna ban me still?

Also, sorry for being so snippy earlier.


Honestly, even if I told you I’m a perfect angel with my multibox, it doesn’t really matter. For every one of me, there’s three people who will abuse mechanics no matter what.

Discussion about player behavior really is a discussion about policy in the end. You cannot change people’s behavior, you can only police it.

For your own peace of mind, I don’t PVP with my box. All I do is clear dungeons. I haven’t even done that since 8 months ago (I quit 8 months ago)

My intention is to clear dungeons in TBC. If you check my post history I actually have a topic where I tell Blizzard to disallow /follow in arena to prevent multiboxing arenas.

My only concern now is if I succeed in clearing a TBC dungeon without using any third-party software, is Blizzard going to ban me?

Ya, to be clear I dont perceive 1 alt account following another as really a boxer, even if the definition fits. The ones I mentioned that were using the accounts to benefit in pvp situations were always 5 min usually more and routinely found in the same zones and doing the same tactics to ruin experiences. I am ok with a pvp solution is required, but even grouped pvpers camping someone are unorganized and lack that level of coordination that a single input boxer would have.

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I think you may be too pure for this world. We don’t deserve you tbh

Nah, I’m a butthead lmao


I understand why so many people dislike multiboxers using the input broadcasting software particularly in PvP situations. But frankly, I think banning the input broadcasting piece of multiboxing has done pretty much nothing to combat the botting problem. And the botting problem is where the focus of policy enforcement should be especially when the game runners are dumb enough to allow a level 58 boost, which helps the botters a ton.

I think banning inputing broadcasting was mostly to quiet multibox haters for a while while Blizzard continues to inadequately address the much bigger botting problem.

Our guild multiboxer is still doing his thing just fine. Using a KVM switch and been multiboxing just fine since the update with no bans or warnings.

How about the update that was just made 2 hours ago?

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Where is the Blizzard policy update that states this? The only one I can find is the original, which bans input broadcasting software. The article that contains the quote above simply points to the official policy which only bans input broadcasting software and hasn’t changed since it was posted.

Read it again after refreshing the page.

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I did, it didn’t change. The support article is where the quote from the user came from and that same article points to the Official policy update which hasn’t changed since it was posted.

" For more information on our stance about input broadcasting software, see our official news post"

So what am I missing and where is the official policy update? The latest one I see is from November 3rd.

It is mostly academic since I multibox by switching windows (and I have more or less automated that part) but anyone can do that. Using words like streamline and enhance are so vague as to be meaningless. I mean anyone with a programmable keypad, keyboard, or mouse would be streamlining and enhancing their game play whether multiboxing or not :rofl:

I press X for doubt and X is also my perma ban button.


Sorry, we’re talking about two different things.

“We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.”

That’s from Kaivax. You can look it up on the blue tracker on Wowhead. I can’t link it.

“Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our End User License Agreement. Please note, however, that use of all software or hardware mechanisms used to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multiboxing in any way may result in account penalties.”


Thanks for the link. For some reason my google foo failed me. It uses pretty ambiguous wording.

As for me, I’ll continue to multi-box by switching windows and if they ban or suspend me for some reason. Well, I’ve been looking for 15 years for some graceful way to end my WoW addiction :wink:

Personally I doubt they’ll ban anyone that isn’t disrupting/preverting gameplay in some way, but I could be wrong.

Your keyboard and mouse streamlines the basic process of the game. It doesn’t streamline the multiboxing process rofl. If one action creates additional actions for other accounts, that’s streamlining the multiboxing process.

Not true, with programmable keyboards/mice/keypads (even without really) you can automate the window switching. Which enhances/streamlines multi-boxing.

The wording is likely vague so they can use it when they choose to target players they feel are abusing multi-boxing in some way.

P.S. I know a number of people like myself that primarily use multi-boxing for leveling and the occasional dungeon when we outgear it enough :slight_smile: I doubt these are targets for Blizzard’s new push to limit multi-boxing.


Technically WoW video settings helps to streamline multiboxing.

Ban WoW.