I miss old Bronzebeard

I remember when this forum was alive…back in Vanilla and BC.



Hello I play on Bronzebeard. Just looking for friends. Jashazzard#1238

Who were you in vanilla? I miss the old Bronzebeard vanilla days too.

I can remember almost every person on Bronzebeard from vanilla if they pvp’d, horde or alliance. I helped co-play over 20 characters to R14 on the server, my own never got above R11 though.

I can’t remember anyone I have played with past WoTLK, but I can still recall all these char’s names from 2004-2006 lol.

Also prior to being into pvp I also pve’d on the Alliance side, so I remember a lot of the pve’rs from that side too.

I was Gutholben (Warlock - now named Korozian), formerly of The Dismal Rage and later Gormenghast. I PvP’d mostly right after the BG’s first came out and highest I reached was Blood Guard (I never had enough playtime for higher ranks).

After my falling out with TDR I leveled this toon with my wife and started RS in 10/2006. We were and still are pretty low key.

I also had a 19 twink named Northrender for quite some time. Leveling him was one of the dumbest mistakes I ever made.

I remember Cowsablanca, Deathgar, and Nathalak from those guilds. I think I remember Gutholben also, didn’t that name have a special char like ü in it or something?

My main horde character was Beamdora, an undead rogue. I also played a lot with Slitherin, Terrify, Kwananu, Brownsdaddy, Bloodache, Darktesuras, Snorkels, Goar.


I agree, I miss all the drama on these forums too. Most of the realm forums are the same way now. The only thing you see is recruitment posts. Cross realm killed community forums.

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Back in the day, I would dread Surn and the Judge’s Gavel.

Now, I miss those times.

Dusting off for classic?

I was mostly pvp…left bb long ago. Might recall me as Ethermoon.

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ME TOO! so I’m coming back for classic, I played a NE rogue named Isaaru for EFoyM and Dragon Alliance. world pvp BGs MC and bwl clears and i joined in on the GMT10 time zone 20 mans.

I miss Rashara(still have the ony cloak he made me for bwl), FatherHank, Gonathan, Risk! i miss rymaru and spitnolan and lewdidor,and enthar I miss all the gmt players (i was kinda still a kid and those accents man made the whole experience better not kidding. i miss aclea, pred all my fellow rogues from DA(even you shadowsong)
( I forget the drawrf GM rogues name i played with but you thought me alot bro thankyou.

i will never forget my first raid piece (gutgore ripper) my first Rag, and nef kills, i miss the suppression rooms and the fun on veal(and the day long wipes on him too at first)

TIMEFACTOR AND SUPERGIRL you couple rock! If anyone remembers these people or myself and intend to play classic blow this fourm up lets all find each other again, this time with 10+ years experiance and knock cthun and kul outa the park.

I’ve played every expansion, mostly raiding. I’m always surprised by BB dying more and more with each expansion. And it was one of the first servers.

I played Footstool (gnome mage), Bonelessevil (undead priest), and Aedesia (Pali).

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Hey mate! (It’s Spit)
I’ll be playing classic too on the oceanic pvp server as horde. Feel free to make an alt and drop in on me. Also feel free to add me! My battle tag is Gruff#1264

I thought I was the best lock in the rage ! lol

There were a couple of us Locks that I actually considered best-on-server in TDR. It’s a shame we never got to hang more. I put my differences with the old leaders aside some time back, but since they quit obviously that ship has sailed.

Isaaru!!! we’re here bud!!! add me Supergirl#1864 in battlenet!!! hope to play with you again in classic!!!

I see you Isaaru! :stuck_out_tongue: How have you been? It’s been awhile :slight_smile:

SG here bud!!! add me on battlenet Supergirl#1864
we are going classic for SURE!!!

I seem to recall your name. My brother and I used to play in TDR before we moved to our oceanic guild made up of AussieMC.

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I DO recall you, Engle! Glad to see you around and kickin’!

Ive quit for short breaks here and there but still around. Dominated the raiding scene in TBC and WoTLK but lost interest after that. I now collect mounts and transmog and play the auction house on several servers to buy the things I want. Why be hardcore when i can pay hardcores to carry me? lol

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