I miss old Bronzebeard

Dawww, I miss Old BB too. It was my first server before i left. I was in Resurgence and BLuntforce Trauma back in the day ! :smiley:

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hello! im coming back for wow classic as well just to realize how terribly grindy it was haha

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<— Cowsablanca. Man, I really miss the days of raiding in vanilla, with Gormenghast and TDR.

This is an old video, but this was of us downing Rags for the first time ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncTRc4ZPuos

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I played on Bronzebeard during Vanilla. I was a Human Pally named Alereon, and a Gnomish Mage named Zasbus. Both were in Dragon Alliance.

Back in the day, I was so bad at this game, my guild let me DPS on my Pally.because they didn’t trust me to be a Healer. I’ve since gotten my act together, improved my technique, and am now Geofram the Bold in Classic WoW, Pallytanking in raids to show that it CAN be done.

Do any of you old timers remember Al and Zas?

Tell me about it. Whatever happened to Daughters of the Horde? They seem to have evaporated.

(Daughters of the Alliance is still active. Barely.)

Omg! I totally remember you (BEAMDORA) from RTFQL. My main was a rank 10 fury warrior named GRUNTHOK. I was known for raging out all the time. If I remember, you Australian?

Miss ya, Cid!!!

Man seeing all these old guild names is a flashback I played a Dwarf Hunter named Shoretone I was in Legion of Honor, Cat5, Cascaders and a brief time in Resurgence. Played alot with the guys in Serenity Knights and Costa Nostra. Still talk to Dohboy and Ocean once in awhile.

I miss shandris the way it use to be.

If anyone wants to add me, Sydonia #1328. I do miss old BB days.