I miss Frankwhite

I remember one time he was playing wow in the car while his girlfriend was doing the driving on their road trip. Talk about dedication.

C’mon where is the Wangster? I first met him during vanilla, in Un’goro, killing those devilsours or what you call them.

We’re killing it pug styles in Classic. But we need more street/jokes … more frank :wink:

Also Kaushik of King Tiger is on our realm. He logged when I called him out lol

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I know this is like…3 months old but I was actually talking about Frank and the Dragonblight guild to a friend the other day. How it started as a PUG raid and turned into a guild. I remember you - don’t know if you remember me. I was a druid OT - same name as my current toon.

And I remember both of you

Y’all on shadowlands?

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Was talkin to my IRL brother about Franks groups last night lol. We were a little late to the shadowlands party and just now ready to start raiding, and he brought up your raids and how we both missed em. Saw this and had to /wave and say hey to Frank :grinning: