I love you but

I’ve had some time to think about this game. you need to change how you start off in the game how the first view zones/how you level 1-10 should only take 45 min’s max. with or without leveling gear.

Don’t do a level squish! please for the love of god.

My question to you is.

have you played you’re game lately not just at “end game”?

Do you truly care about your player base?

Have you learn’t from the players you’ve lost?

Have you played the other MMO out there to learn from them?

Can you learn that not everyone wants to just gear up and play end game?

Now heres a few pointers from me.

please put into the game player based houses and guild based houses and perhaps even guild vs guild battles. which have an out come on the world itself rather then some “big bad” perhaps items with a tax or no tax at all.

make; making items neat and fun. give people options…

perhaps bring in a new way to quest a npc runs up to you and asked you to help him or her. this then triggers a chain quest which has an impact on the world itself rather then just “instances” fighting and gearing can be rather boring.

I am willing to chat to you on discord or via battle tag if you want.

remake the world itself let the players have an impact on the world itself and help change it and also let it evolve.

please stop changing the classes.

I’m an Australian gamer; blizzard game lover, but you’re making it harder and harder for me to justify me giving up my time to these amazing games which end up bottle necking and just focusing on end game.

there needs to be more to the game.

please listen to you’re player base rather then just do something without consultation…even if its just high end guilds/players.

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I get you don’t like the idea of a level squish, but I don’t think it’s accurate to say they’re ignoring feedback on this. It seems to be quite the opposite really. There’s certainly a large contingent of players who are opposed to the idea, but there’s also a significant number of players, and mire more importantly, prospective players who think 120 is too high.


I think a lot of people welcome the level squish. I don’t think it would reduce leveling time outright, the point is to make leveling more psychologically rewarding.

Ion actually said it would likely make leveling faster.


Min 35. Won’t let me copy time stamp from my phone.

I doubt it’ll change leveling speed very much, they still want to sell boosts.


I’ll feel so much better watching the xp bar barely move whenever I turn in like 10 quests.


Hi Tetracain; I just hope they listen to us first rather then just do it and see who keeps on playing.

I myself, personally am not going to be playing classic, since I’ve played since Nov 04.

I remember in a video it being said that part of them doing the level squish is so that they can work on making leveling feel more rewarding and have less drought between recieving abilities. (Paraphrasing)

But wouldn’t it be the same drought?

Well he didn’t quantify how much faster so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Well… yes.

Ultimately it comes down to whether people prefer 5 levels that take an hour each between spells, or 10 levels that take a half hour each. Apparently the former is more popular. I can’t see the appeal myself, but :man_shrugging:

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I believe he mentioned that theyd be making other changes to make the leveling feel more rewarding. So if the devs follow through then no, but we wont know till the squish is on the ptr.

Also this is all from memory from whatever video i saw so take it with a grain of salt.

But that’s my point. It may not seem like your specific concerns are being heard, but there has definitely been prior feedback on this, and this change, at least in part, is a response to the feedback they’ve received.

Yeah. It just seems like a waste of Dev time and effort.

Could they also do that without squishing? Or does it have to be squished to feel more rewarding?


Who knows what they talked about that lead up to this. Maybe its the easiest option, the best option or hell maybe everyone wrote down options and picked one out of a hat. Whatever the process it seems like its on its way and all we can do is hope that they put enough planning behind this for it to work out.

There was questing that made changes to the zone in WoD (as I remember).
I truly feel something accomplished but seems that this caused some serious phasing issues.

I doubt it unless they also changed where we could level and for how long. Doing two or three zones per expac, if that, doesn’t make for a very cohesive leveling experience. At least the Alliance knows who there leader is at any given point in the story. Lol

Well, they already made those changes by switching TBC and Wrath to 60-80 and Mists and Cata to 80-90, and making classic zones scale. They’re fine making structural changes, parallelizing things that used to be in sequence.

In any case, if there was a level squish but not a reduction in overall time to reach cap, it would just result in fewer levels per zone. So if you played through, say, 8-10 classic zones, 2-3 wrath zones, 2-3 mists zones, 2-3 warlords zones, etc. you’d still hit the same number of zones in the same order post-squish.

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No? Timewise, yes, but their whole concern is that people don’t like ding’ing and getting absolutely nothing for it.

I for one am excited for the squish. I just hope that 100 will be the final level in the game period. For their last expansion they plan to do on this engine.