I keep seeing "It's easier to climb as Horde"

And I don’t believe that, but it keeps popping up so can someone give me the sober ELI5 of why people think it’s easier to climb as Horde rather than Alliance?


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LFG community is much much better for Horde. At times there were up to 10x more groups running, but on average at least 4-5x.


probably because of the larger population

There is no innate advantage to being Horde; neither faction has any particular racial advantage to speak of.

Why you keep hearing that is because, several expansions ago, there was a legitimate advantage to being Horde and so a lot of competitive groups transferred onto the Horde side. After a while Blizzard fixed those advantages, however, having no incentive to return to the Alliance, most just stayed Horde.

Now a lot of people play Horde because they believe the more competitive players are Horde side, as such the players who are naturally more competitive tend to congregate. Transferring Horde doesn’t give you any guarantee of pushing, however the average Horde player is more likely to make the push than the average Alliance player.

It’s just a matter of being near more people wanting to do the same thing as you are.

its based on the time of day you play.
in the morning horde wins more.
in the afternoon alliance loses more.


Its fairly even with horde winning slightly more than the alliance, and the wins for horde are stomps most of the time ( seasoned players ).

This has been my experience atleast…

I’ve always wanted cross faction BGS just makes me wonder what would happen if we mix the bowl a bit ya know.

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higher population on the horde side.
Most of your rated PvP time will be spent looking for group/more.

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I’ve played on both this expansion, the reason it’s easier to climb as Horde versus Alliance (in RBGs anyway, I still got arena apps fairly quickly but I’m also a healer main) is because there’s 50 listings for RBGs on Horde side, and like 8 Alliance.

Edit: and crap, didn’t realize I was posting from my new alt. lol This is Tactics-Illidan. xD

Alliance have better racials for pvp.

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It’s a bit better, sure, however not good enough to readjust the numbers.

Alliance racials are extremely significant for healers hello?

i do miss Shadowmeld, that’s for sure. :frowning:

Horde is considered the better PVP faction, so PVPers heavily interested in PVP migrate to Horde, Alliance is more casual when it comes to PVP. There are more players on Horde, they outnumber Alliance 5:1? So having a larger pool of players to pull from, the higher you go the better the pool of players to pick from. With Alliance its more take what you can get.

Alliance queues are faster so the attitude is if you lose “oh well, I’ll just queue again”. Whereas as the Horde queues are longer and the urgency to win is higher.

And lastly - Horde players can go Mercenary mode as Alliance. This imho is the biggest problem, because fresh 60 Horde players looking to gear up quickly roll as Mercenary, the queues are faster, and there is an Honor bonus. So you have A LOT of under geared players on Alliance just looking for fast queues, quick losses and fast Honor. Not only that but I have had a few of them once its known that they are under geared Horde players get toxic and yell For the Horde throughout the match and cheer on Alliance losses.

Do you think this game is 80% Horde LOL?

Yeah, I do. LOL? But if you noticed I put a question mark after it, so it was a statement question. 5:2? LOL? That’s what you have a problem with? So, everything else meets your seal of approval? LOL? LOL?



Do you mean at your rank? We always have more than 10 groups on Stormrage.

Didn’t you say your sub runs out in 2 days, like a week ago? Strange to see you here crowing.

Only you would know that since you live here? You need a life bro. I re-subbed because even WoW at its worst is better then any other MMO, which says more about the MMO landscape then WoW. But I am playing less and less each day. Enjoy the forums.

Imagine paying monthly to be miserable and expressing it on a forum daily, then telling others they need lives. Lol

I’m sure knowing they’re safe from your immense skill potentially ruining their season is a comfort to all people in the 1400 bracket. Your grace is unquestionable.

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