I just ran from Duskwood to Booty Bay at Level 29


and it was SO FREAKING COOL. I started this game post-Cata, so I have never seen the world in its old form. I mean, I was following some level 32 priest and had chills going down my spine. Only got ganked once (by the graveyard, no less) and then got to experience all of the action going on in Booty Bay.

This is also my first time on a PVP server.

All the way through STV I kept asking myself “why did they change from this to what it is now?” I realize that there are updated graphics, but there is just something about having enough to do, but not too much, so that you can also enjoy the little things.

Sorry, just wanted to share, I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. Except this: I still have chills. Goodnight, friends!


I made that duskwood —> booty bay run on my Warlock at level 20 to do my Succubus questline. Many voidwalkers were sacrificed that day.

(Beaupeep) #3

Some areas pre-Cata were actually quite cool, there’s no denying that.

If Classic does nothing else for people, I hope it does what the OP felt.


I felt the same hitting Barrens and not having that giant freaking Gorge splitting it in half.


You realize the more you see this game how much there was to see, feel and experience, and that’s one of the reasons so many of us fight adamantly for things such as no changes, no flight, no movement speed QoLs, and so on and so forth. We want you, the newcomers to vanilla/Classic, to really understand what it meant to make runs such as Stranglethorn Vale, to name just one spooky run.

There are others, for each faction. There are a lot of runs to make for a lot of things. Sometimes they’re scary, especially on a PvP server, but they’re part of what makes you feel happy when you accomplish the thing you set out to do in the first place.


Yeah, Cata really did a number on the world that originally had a lot of work put into it, in order to breathe life into the Warcraft Universe.

What really bugged me was that they used an Iconic dragon to hype away the worries…


True but the still should fix a few things. LOL. Cough spawn rates, stacking, forms for druids, but I suppose others won’t agree for the generic, “dumb” #nochanges nostalgia :slight_smile:


what’s wrong with druid forms? You guys have it good for movement speed…


I can herb from them, but quest items, or interactions with NPCS you have to shift out. Shifting costs a ton of mana. So would be nice if they would have simply made it so you can talk to NPCS and loot quest items as a cat or bear or whatever :slight_smile:


It’s really not a major issue. I feel you to some extent. I think the benefits of Druid far outweigh little nuances though.


It’s NOT a major issue but it would be nice :slight_smile: If it was I wouldn’t play a druid and I agree that it’s work aroundable :slight_smile:


I did the Stormwind - Southshore run at level 11 a couple of days ago. It was fun to review some of the old zones.


I guess I shouldn’t bother telling you my friends made human characters at the release of classic and the lag was so bad they couldn’t quest so they ran to booty bay at lvl 1.


Think about it carefully. Was pressing W for 30 minutes (or more) really “fun”? I’m only sticking around classic until after Halloween then I’m not playing it anymore. It’s a slog fest


Yes? The actions aren’t complex, nor is it complex in modern WoW. But it’s a world. It’s not built to be traversed in seconds or easily. What would take a minute or two by flying over it takes much longer going through it. The world is far more tangible - flying over the Amazon you get an idea that it’s vast. Going through it and you understand it’s insurmountable.

That’s what we lost with modern WoW - the world isn’t really a world. It’s just there, and we have so many things that take the player out of that world for convenience. Not so in Classic besides BG queues and even those used to require you going to the BG entrance.


Why wait?


I disagree. I don’t see it as a world anymore that needs to be transversed. I see it as a boring way of pressing W. When I started 12 years ago there really wasn’t many games like it. But since many games with in game worlds, more expansive, have been made that do not require pressing W all day. It’s just a fake world. Classic is like watching paint dry for hours on end


Because hanging around goldshire when pumpkins are around is fun. Classic doesn’t have the headless horseman but I want to see what it’s halloween event is like. That’s why my character might be 20 by then, and I say might be. I can barely play for a hour at a time without being bored.


Cool, Classic certainly isn’t for you then. That’s completely different than us - I’m nearly 47 and I’m having a blast. The only problem I have is there are too many players in the world - every single area is camped by far more players than there are mobs we need for quests. Though, 90% of those are Horde, so I do die a lot.


They have medication for that.