I just ran from Duskwood to Booty Bay at Level 29


My server Im on is very empty in comparison. Azure something. Let me find it for you, but its PVE.

Edit: Azuresong


I’d rather not be able to quest at all than not be able to find anybody to play with - and I’d rather not play on a PvE server. They’re ultimately boring.


Ummm you’re the one who enjoys pressing W on your keyboard for hours on end…



Click to move, son.


On a side note, you do know there is an autorun button right? Just to fill you in if you didn’t know.


Lie. You know click to move doesn’t get you around in WoW effectively.


What a glorious button.

Also while running I skinned a bunch of mobs, so…


Sure, son.

Enjoy your pumpkins.


Enjoy watching paint dry and paying 15$ a month to do it. People spend more money on Halloween in America than Christmas so my 45$ max is well spent.


I will, thanks.


No problem, to each their own.


Do you play modern WoW? My experience with it is your experience with Classic. It’s almost like different games can be enjoyed differently - I hate AP, I hate the treadmill, I hate the bland WQ grinds, I hate the story, I hate being the champion, I hate… basically everything.

It doesn’t feel like I’m playing a class anymore. I’m playing an arcade game with one flavour picked over another - there’s no substance. When I play Classic there are hard benefits and negatives to every class. My Hunter is amazing at soloing and almost never has to stop, but requires more individual micro and doesn’t do a lot of damage on its own. My Warrior does a lot of damage… when an attack lands.

I hope you enjoy your game, but don’t insult mine. I already have four characters planned.


How did you make it without getting gamked releatedly? lol


I quit in June of 2013. I enjoyed it then because it was new, and there was a cultural gaming movement to it of sorts then. People of all backgrounds in America at least were playing it. It was not just a game but also a low end- cultural thing.

I made a new account to play classic because I wanted to see what I thought of it, as I played originally in BC (June 2007). I’ve already told you my thoughts on it so I won’t repeat that.


Cool. Sounds like you’ve moved on. The rest of us enjoy it for what it is and don’t have to make excuses.

(Elaice) #36

Deathwing was treated horribly, from a lore-standpoint, during Cata.


lol fkn cata baby crying about having to put even the smallest amount of effort in.
Good riddance.

(Selorath) #38

I don’t know about chills, but the first time going through thousand needles was very cool. There is no water, and I can definitively say I like the zone a lot better this way. I hate the cata revamp of it, but this place is good.


Lol pressing W to move lol


Groovy Baby!!