I hope WoW can someday do playable lizard people right

I’m not playing that certain other game but I watch some streams from time to time. There’s things I like about it, but so far not enough to bother to go though the effort to download it and learn to play it.

But that’s not the point. Point is, they have a dragon race but they’re really kinda lame. I mean, they’re cute, sure, but they’re just humans with a skin condition. Their faces are just human faces, there’s barely an option to have scales on the face. Heck, they barely have scales anywhere. (I don’t want to post pictures of another game but they’re the Au Ra if you want to look up what I mean).

I mean, to each their own. If you like this version of a playable lizard/dragon person you’re in luck. But I hope that when and if WoW ever adds a playable reptile race that they’re actually reptile. Something like the saurok or the sethrak.

I don’t hate the Au Ra. If I were playing the other game I can’t say I wouldn’t play one, but I want to play a lizard/snake/dragon person who’s a real lizard/snake/dragon person, not someone in cosplay at an anime convention, you know?


Yes, playable lizard people should be a thing

Or insects


If only such creatures weren’t already showcased as irredeemable monsters beholden to the Old Gods and disgusting sewage dwelling, barely sentient savages

Here’s hoping they do something with the Sethrak - their framing is still fair game for a playable race.


Hey now, it’s been shown some Saurok clans do have some level of organization and ability to speak

100% playable

Bugs bit harder cuz old god link


I agree.

Same with any other animaloid race.

I doubted I would play a reptile race but I looked these up and really like the look of the saurok. Very well done.


Right? I mean, there’s Saurok pirates down in Freehold.


I’m open to Saurok and Sethrak. I’d be down for scaled down Drakinoids (I think that’s it? The ones on two legs with the glaives) as well.


With island expedition we also learned they’re basically the best swimmers in the game, with only like fish and naga beating them

Since they flat out swim to these unmarked islands and stuff

So who knows, some smarter (and slightly less violent) ones could have swam off to find a new home years ago and we just never made contact with them


I’m hoping we’ll see playable lizardmen someday in WoW, myself. Lizardmen are a popular race in fantasy race that Warcraft has been lacking for a long time, and they’ve always been a favorite of mine.

Saurok are the best candidate for that, and they would make a great playable Horde race. They have a a great backstory and a lot of potential if they were to be given some love and fleshed out even more.

If anyone is particularly interested in seeing all sorts of ideas, concepts, more information on Saurok in general, and don’t mind shameless self promotion, check out my Saurok megathread here for more information:

Hoping to see them on that character creation screen someday! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Murloc playable race. I will accept nothing less!

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I looked them up, and the Au Ra women look almost exactly like humans.


I am not a fan of Lizard/Reptile People at all. However, I recognize that there is a large segment of the Fantasy/Sci Fi Fan base that loves them, and likes to play as them.

Blizz was such a tease in BfA. Sethrak, Naga, Jinyu, those water goblins, even Tortollans!

I actually would love a Tortollan. Maybe they can just make “Reptilian” the Playable Race, with Tortollan, Jinyu, and Sethrak skins.

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I’ve grumbled about this before several times, but that’s one of the problems I have with FF14. They tend to be more interested in adding humans with different animal appendages as opposed to more of a variety of races, and for a game that wants you to focus on just one character, I find the race selection to be very banal.

The only race they have added that added some much needed variety is the Hrothgar (cat people based on the Ronso from FF10), which they barely talked about in their reveal stream as the devs were much more excited for bunny girls of all things. I really wish there was more of a variety of races in the game.

In terms of lizardmen, Bangaa are a race of lizardmen in the game currently as a NPC race, and have been in the Final Fantasy Tactics series, but unfortunately have yet to be added as a playable race. If they’re ever added, I’d actually consider giving the game a try.

As I said, I’ve grumbled about it several times in more depth elsewhere, but on the other hand, Id be very happy if we saw playable Horde Saurok become a reality in WoW someday! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Iksar were my favorites in Everquest. Not enough games let you play lizards, its always something with fur.
At this point I’m even willing to take something that looks like a DnD Kobold.


A few independent smatterings do not a cohesive race make.

Show me a source of Saurok that is big enough to sustain a player population that isn’t self-destructively xenophobic and then we’ll have something. Until then, pirate Saurok are as indicative of a playable race as pirate Murlocs, who’d probably take priority if we’re being honest.

The Saurok pirates mentioned are actually the Brinescale Tribe:

The entirety of which are working with other races. Sure, it’s as pirates, but they’re not trying to eat the faces of their crewmates that aren’t Saurok.

The thing is, for any race that Blizzard wants to make playable, they’ll write what is needed to make them playable. For example:

-Dark Iron Dwarves, once maniacal evil male Dwarves joined the Alliance and became playable.

-Zanadalari, once a group of bad trolls, were written to not be all bad and join the Horde.

-Gilgoblins were once mindless male mooks who only cared about treasure, but the Kelfin came along in BfA, showing they could be much more than that, and are a candidate of being an allied race in the future.

Likely, there are other examples I can think of, but the point is that if those races could get changed in such a fashion and either become playable or potentially playable, why would Saurok be an exception to this? Especially since:

-The Brinescale again have shown to work with others.

-Two Saurok are chilling in the Whale’s Belly, an underwater bar, and are fine with a Dwarf coming up to them and playfully roaring at them.

-A Saurok spirit in Maldraxxus has a friendly conversation with a Dwarf spirit and another spirit about what is going on in a specific area in front of them.

-Saurok were allowed in the Temple of the White Tiger to compete in friendly combat, were able to behave themselves, and aren’t angry at all when they lose.

Saurok aren’t entirely psychotic, savage beasts that just attack without any form of emotion other than RAWR. I don’t see why they couldn’t get considered as a playable race and revamped some like the above races I’ve mentioned.

Just how I personally feel, is all. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


That’s probably my biggest turn-off with FFXIV. There’s no true beast races, they’re all just human-lite.


WoW/Everquest crossover expansion! Give us playable Iksar, Vah Shir and Frogloks. :slight_smile:

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ESO does lizards right~

Would love an non-mammalian race in WoW as I’ve mentioned a bunch now, prefer reptilian but avian or a buggy is alright too.


An Argonian, from Elder Scrolls Online:

They look neat!