I have offically quit WoW

Note: This is my honest opinion on new wow so fanboys, dont murder me for saying some bad things about a video game so lets begin…
I dont how you can make a expansion worse then wod, I really tried to like Battle for Azeroth { Battle Nor Nothing} i really did, but its just well Bad, they taken one of the greatest mmos of all time and backed into a river, the expansion just feels rushed and even alittle unfinished, many of the features added in bfa from past expansions just plain suck, The heart of azeroth for example, the class pruning is just absurd many of the classes now literally feel the same,
Another issue is the Scaling, The number #1 rule in rpgs and mmos is make sure you the player feels more powerful as you progress and they broke it, sure it can done right but this doesnt fit a rpg at all,
And one of the holy grails of bad issues in bfa, Simply put max level, once you hit it you ask yourself “What do i now”, and yes there is things to do like dungeons and raids but other not so good things like warfronts are basically loot pinatas so they get boring fast you basically sit there for maybe 10-15 mins and then you get handed loot for your “Hard work”
Some of the dungeons get boring fast as well some even seem to be designed to take longer like motherload i really wished these dungeons were good because they are really cool looking like Waycrest manor and Freehold and they all seem to have work put into them like music, visuals for example
And then in the center of the storm, the Golden goose of bfas issues *sigh* Island expeditions, this thing it justs so repititve and boring, i fell out of my chair, even a piece of paper is more entertaining then this this thing... i chould make an entire thread about it but since it doesnt deserve to have a thread i wont even.. I chould go on and on and dig through this dumpster but since that whould be an chapter book sized thread ill just keep it simple and somewhat short, if you dont remember back in cata we had a sin called “timegating”
in mop we had a pointless faction war
in wod we had bone dry content
in legion we had infinite grinding
bfa is basically the combination of all 4 but worse then before,
Because of these issues i had quit honestly the only thing that prevented me from clicking that unsub button was friends and guidlies online, but even that didnt hold me very long, Blizzard is basically if mister krabs from spongebob owned a video game company infact i actually think ion is secretly mr krabs in disguise infact i wont be suprised if blizzard said something like this “I dont care about children all i care about is getting their sweet sweet green stuff” Todays wow is simply a sad shell of its former major self, i almost feel like bli$$ard will probally make all specs a 3 button spec with a healing, a fight and a "defense" button then theyll make add advertisement aka one of the greastest sins of gaming to the game and then port this black plaque of mmos to mobile devices and call it a “win”
Even the tremor mod from Terraria the mod that is nicknamed the plague of terraria is still atleast somewhat entertaing this however just isnt, i quit the game but i might stay on the forums just to see how much money they burn lighting a dumpster on fire,
Last thing i have to say apparently, bli$$ard put all of their “best” devs on mobile yea mobile ya know, where one of the greatest sins of gaming lurk most in mobile games {ads, dlc etc} so if thats the case, then thats why bfa is quite literally wods little brother only i actually wish it was wod still, i really want blizzard to just pull the plug on this game and put it out of its misery, WoW has been basically beaten with sticks and stones and has been milked so hard by bli$$ it almost seems they are comepletely dependent on its survival if its goes down so willthey, infact i think welcome employee card looks something like this *tones voice* "Thank you for joining bli$$ard, here at actibli$$ we strive in milking our older games and barely make new ones, we realised back before we merged with satanvision that you dont need to put effort and love into something to make more from it, were raking cash in from the 12 year olds who beg their parents for the flying goat mount and the hardcore fanboys who refuse to go find a game with a caring company which its nothing like our gold mine is it now?
anyways you find our policies and rules so when you help milk our games and make expansions that are worse then the last make you sure you add
Pruning classes
Terrible writing
Boring content
Little to no content
Promise something like our kultiran and upright trolls to the fans and make them wait months to keep them subbed
lots and lots of mission tables which are our greatest weapon to make money by keeping our fanbase subbed to get more of them badzerite" so listen i understand it times and money to make a video game as big as this game i get it but chould they atleast put their time and money into something that isnt the same as lighting cash on fire with a flame thrower, i really wished wow today was the same as old school wow you know the ones thats decent but their greed has gotten to the point they dont even care about their fans, how good or bad their games do all they care about is how much money they make and how theyll do it, so soon Wow and bli$$ard will join the "company graveyard" where once powerful companies have withered away completely like sega and god awful "modern" nick channel, so yeah, im leaving this sinking ship before it completely goes under and watch this once golden king of mmos and bli$$ard slowly wither away into nothing, anyways as i quote tseric "You can be when im gone"
Thank you for reading this and i hope you understand…
Edit: and dont any of you dare say im wearing red tinted goggles, theyre expensive you know

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To me it feels a lot like the downfall of madden football. They quit trying to make the game better and instead made it easier so anybody can feel good. Each year madden is just a reskin with a few pointless additions.

Wow had legion assaults. Now we have the bag assaults. Do 4 wq then final scenario. Nothing changes it has no effect on the world. It is sold as this epic war between two sides where the heroes in the story have zero impact on the world. I have enjoyed some of the new raid boss fights but gear is so over the top easy to attain that we haven’t beat the last boss on the current raid yet and most of our super casual guild doesn’t even need anything from the raid and we have what six more weeks of it. Sure u might get a titan forge but whatever.

The new battle ground scenarios are pretty much a 30 minute life loss penalty where u can semi afk or try as hard as you want and it doesn’t matter

And to think people still play this game and worship bli$$ard like gods
Edit: I wont be suprised if we begin seeing "activision presents" before a trailer, bli$$ has basically became activisons little brother just not as bad {yet}
Its the exodus in a way but instead of waves of frogs and locust, its wave of terrible expansions, so once our ruler of video game hell, satanvison, gains full control of bli$$ard, its gunna get even worse, so dont be suprised to see an ad for candy crush when you click the play button for your char, or the ability to pay 19$ to auto complete a keystone dungeon or raid, what a shame
Edit 2: Dont forget the downfall of the once almighty sega

I used to play this game quite alot, every day infact i quit back in early wod due to it sucking bad, i decided i whould check out bfa, simply put it sucks,
The game is falling apart and this is the true crumbling
Cata had timegates
mop had pandas
Wod was one big content drought
legion was pure rng and grinds
and then bfa is all 4 but even worse
So its like pick your poison

I wish i chould back in time before the acti blizz merge and tell blizz to not do it,
Truth is its not all blizzards fault just theyre greedy but its really activison that caused this, if it didnt happen bfa, wod, mop, and cata might have been good expansions, but theyre not at all, until these greedy terds fix themselves i`ll take my money elsewhere.

Cool story …

The fall of blizzard is like the fall of nickeoloden, they both started strong but over time they plummeted, honestly i think its normal for a tv or game company to slowly die,
When you first start you many ideas for your new show or game, you make it and its pretty good, then you make the sequel then a new series, after a while the series lets use sonic for example, has gone stale, so bam new game, over time your formula of ideas is running out and over time you have no ideas left, so you either brainstorm or like blizzard and nick, milk past shows/games, but even these run out over time, so when you try to make something new its bad and your fan will complain for years and even call it quits like the op, sure its natural to lose fans over time but blizzard is losing more fans then new ones to make it up, im afraid blizzard has reached its dark age, which activison merging doesnt help it either, so blizzard must either attempt to save their company from death or fall into what you call the “company graveyard”
Like an apple starting fresh from a tree but going stale over time…

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“like an apple starting fresh from a tree but going stale over time”
Love that line

How dare you hate on this game, bfa is amazing way better then legion, the music is great and art amazing i play every day at 5am and i love it warfronts are fun actually and zones look great take that back you filthy vanilla fanboy

Says the lvl 30 panda lol, yeah nice try trolling

Someone got butthurt i see,

always sad to see a player quit, i wish you farewell and i hope you find a better, game safe journeys

Honestly blizz has basically commited finanical and reputation suicide, it were to just grow some balls and put effort and time into a game they whouldnt suck so much, we chould`ve been praising wow, bfa, and the bad expansions chould of been decent, but that arent, honestly we should just all mass quit and maybe blizzard will crap themselves and maybe try to put effort and time into their “games”

Fixed it for you

fixed for u

OP you might wanna be careful, the fans are so defensive over “Their Precious”
that theyll basically surrond your home with a amry of nerds with zapinators and plastic swords while screaming "WOW IS GOOD!" theyre basically cod fanboys in a nutshell but just almost there to be worse,

Lets not also forget the fact they get butthurt when you speak garbage to wow, i guess they just can`t handle the sad truth that the game they play has become
they are indeed an slighty worse cod fanboy

When the cookie goes stale

Honestly blizz needs to step up their game or we`ll leave them behind,
The cookie went stale in WOD, the stale cookie grew mold and bacteria in bfa

can you imagine what wow whould look like when "satan"vision takes full control of blizz?