I have finally started using rune of power

Since it’s going away soon - i’ve decided, eh, why not give it an actual try after i’ve played mage long enough and have good muscle memory and know fights well at this point.

It’s still a horrible ability, don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice to have this big damage boost compared to what i’ve had with IF (436 ilvl, 2.1k io)

Still (2) frost aoe in m+ is horrible. Priest passively does 300k and i can barely scratch 100k on same pack. Only time when frost really does well is when in Freehold tank pulls three packs at the start and you can spam frozen orb nonstop

Glad it’s going away, hopefully comet storm or something will be an actual real aoe ability

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I tried it again today for a couple runs and I just hate it too much. It does give me a wild burst for that little window on bosses, but only if my timing is right. IF for me is just so much better to manage (and ironically better for DPS overall). There is enough to keep track of without it.

For those who have mastered ROP, you’re a better player than me, my hat’s off to you.

Like a toxic ex you are giving a second chance :joy:


Toxic ex? That’s putting it mildly. It’s like dating the guy from You on Netflix. Except Penn Badgley is kinda cute whereas RoP doesn’t even have that going for it with its low res pixels. :laughing:


I use it because the dps increase is so much. In an epic drop RoF with RoP.

I hate it. Can’t wait for it to be gone. I love Fire in PVP because of our ability to instant cast while on the move. Please just don’t cost us our mobility in some other way.

The thing is that RoP isnt the issue, knowing when/where to use CDs is the issue and that wont change once RoP is gone.

I feel like it was a mistake ever adding such a huge damage boost to Rune of Power. I agree with you that many players didn’t play RoP optimally, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the spell itself was a misstep by developers. Most people will not miss it.


ROP is different than many cooldowns in that it has a cast time, is on the GCD, and ties you to a certain area. All three of those together just stinks.

Only the extra charge does. The one that’s auto on major CDs is still auto.

As most abilities are.

Frost is the only spec that doesn’t need to be stationary to do it’s burst rotation. Most classes that’s re casters require to be standing still when using major CDs.

There’s only two types of complaints about rop.

1 being that it affects the damage profile and makes damage outside of CDs terrible

This is a valid complaint or dislike of rop.

2 being that you are “trapped” in an area and unable dodge mechanics. This is not a valid complaint as you’re losing damage by moving on any ranged class that uses CDs minus bm hunter

  1. everyone
  2. literally everyone.

You’re just trolling, so obvious.


It’s not trolling when it’s true.

One is a valid complaint. The other is a learn to play issue.

The funny part is the main vocal people against rop always seem to be frost mages

Being stationary is different than being tied to rune of power’s location. Honestly if rune just moved with you when you used blink/shimmer I’d concede this point.

Edit: execute phase fire mage is also mobile right?

Not exhaustive but I only really play mage and priest currently and combustion and PI are off the GCD.

You still are stationary when you use RoP during CDs.

You can be mobile due to scorch but like I said, during combustion when it matters you want to be stationary.

Both of those are instant cast…

Is that poster still attempting to convince us that ROP was fine? It was a bad ability from a fun perspective and it was a bad ability in terms of power budget. Regardless of whether players were using it optimally or not (logs also show said player was not) is irrelevant when there are still a dozen other reasons why it should be removed. At the end of the day, it’s going away and the 0.0001% of players who didn’t outright hate it with a fiery passion can complain all they like but it isn’t coming back.

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Good point.

Another point I was making is that mage is uniquely able to cast while on the move with ice floes and shimmer. So it is uniquely awful to put ROP down and then need to move for a mechanics you could usually shimmer out of or use ice floes and cast on the move. But to do so leaves your ROP behind.

This is most notable to me in M+ and PvP. M+ is less scripted than raiding so the encounters are harder to predict and PvP makes ROP silly. It’s a big “I have to stand here to do damage” situation.

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just like ele shaman and devoker?

Ele shaman is true. I forgot about their cd that let’s then cast while moving. I haven’t touched Evoker so maybe. I can’t argue either way.

If so, it seems like there are many more casters that can move while casting than just BM. This makes ROP even more of a problem.

You use ice floes to move from one side of RoP after baiting mechanics to the other side.

I’d argue that mplus is the same as raiding.