I have finally started using rune of power

Don’t forget to champion buffing Frozen Orb to Pre-DF nerfs, that’s is the one killer change that has gutted Frost mage AOE in the 3-6 target Category.

I’d rather they make CmS a solid pick, maybe buff GA and give use Frost Bomb. It not only provides a bit more burst, but it also means people don’t complain about that 1% of pulls where FOrb is borked because it becomes a 5s cooldown.

Yes and no. Unlike BM, casters who do have some movement ability tend to have it limited to 1 spell per charge or a set time limit. It is funny looking at ROP from the context of a Hunter though, because Blizzard not only removed the “stand still to increase dps” ability from them because it was awful to play but removed range restrictions because again it was awful to play. I’m always astounded when something is removed from one class for not being fun to use (like maintenance buffs for Ret etc) while they are kept in or brought back for other classes (like Frost or Rog).

I’d like Commet Storm to have that impact, but put it before Glacial Assault on the talent Tree. Glacial assault is a random proc chance for a space Ice Nug that’s barely visible to fall from the sky, hard pass on that.

Or just give frost mages Commet Storm baseline, or have a damn good rework.