I have a wacky theory

I don’t understand, from what you have said those invited only to the stress test will never get invited into the beta in the future.

You seem to think no more people will be invited into the beta, which according to my past experience with Blizzard betas is not the case.

No doubt there will be more people invited into the beta in the future, probably after the stress test data is analysed. That is where my theory lies.

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I think you missed the point.

OPs thread is based on people not in the beta who got into the stress test. Nothing to do with people currently in beta and what they can do

Edit: Nevermind saw your other posts but yeah I think OP knows we don’t get beta just hoping that getting the stress test somehow increases your odds of getting in beta

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i didnt say that no more people will be invited to the beta. i said that people invited to the stress test, will not get a beta invite. if you got a stress test invite, bite the bullet because that is your role in blizzards eyes.
name one person that got BOTH invites and i will give you the benefit of a doubt. but you cant, because it will never happen. the blizzard dev said, as clear as day, that having the beta access IS access to the stress test by default. the stress test server is a completely different server than the PTR/classic beta.

im sorry you arent understanding or at least, not wanting to understand but my suggestion is, dont be disappointed when it doesnt happen.

I don’t believe you can prove that, I’m sure you would have linked it if you could, so that is your opinion.

You don’t need both, it’s one or the other.

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its basic logic. im sure blizzard loves to defy logic all the time and they do but you cant convince yourself that you are going to get TWO invites to the test server. why bother sending two separate invites to someone, when one is ALL access anyway? but believe what you wish.

As is mine but then NEITHER of us has ACTUAL PROOF, both are just opinion.

But it’s not basic logic it’s your opinion. Blizzard has always given out more beta invites over time. While the OP’s opinion might be wishful thinking your opinion makes no sense and has no backing.

i just proved that a dev said that the beta invite gives you FULL ACCESS. but you are really wanting to reach and believe you will get full access+access the full access already lets you access. but i am not going to argue. i just said dont be disappointed if it doesnt happen.

Oh! You completely missed the point…

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I’m sorry but you seem to be talking opinion only on how YOU would do it.

Blizzard would not give everyone who gets stress test access real access but they will probably give some of them beta access after the analysis, it makes more sense than your opinion.

Edit: See Mini’s quote in Blue.

how exactly did i miss that? it says future closed betas. has nothing to do with classic. unless you think he means -future- as in -current-? but i am pretty sure thats not the case. the closed beta is going on at this very moment. its not a -future- closed beta.

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One of the blue post state that getting into this stress test neither helps nor harms your chances of getting into the actual beta

No it says future closed beta invites, they have ALWAYS invited in waves. They don’t send out beta invites one time and then they are done. It has everything to do with classic.

BTW is it Future “Beta invites” or “Future Beta” invites?

As in Later on in this Beta or the next expansion beta? It can be read both ways.

Oh sorry, i guess you need the sub context too

That’s the question Bornak quoted and replied too.

It has everything to do with classic?

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Theory… so I take it you have massive amounts of test results and evidence to make this hypothesis a theory?

i meant to address this in your last post but you seem to be getting the wrong idea or just not reading the conversation. i never said that beta invites would stop or anything of the sort. i said that those already with a stress test invite, will not get a beta invite. because logically, they cancel each other out. im not trying to -rain- on anybodies hopeful parade but i am trying to get people to keep their expectations at a reasonable level. because at that point, you cant blame anyone for your disappointment. if the beta invite gives you full access to the stress test, why would they bother sending out limited stress test invites, only to turn around and give you full access to the very thing you were just limitedly invited to? but its clearly not logic that people are interested in. so i will leave the topic and let you all go back to your daydreaming.

Because they’re not ready for more people yet on the non-stress realms? They’ll invite more people when they’re ready? But in the mean time they want to run a stress test???

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Test evidence proves a theory, then it becomes fact, we are currently in the theory stage. It could be called a hypothesis too.

And I logically proved you wrong to hold that one theory.

Edit: Here it is.
Groups in order of beta invites. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Before stress test 1 group 1 gets invited to the beta
For the stress test 1 groups 2. 3. 4. get invited stress test, data analysed
After stress test 1 group 2. gets invited to beta.

For the stress test 2 groups 3. 4. 5. 6. get invited to stress test, data analysed
After stress test 2 group 3. gets invited to beta.


I think your logic on this is flawed. These stress tests are just that to stress the servers and test only that and are temporary. They are not going to give out more beta invites so soon and being in the stress test should not impact anything regarding to gaining an invite later.

Like I have said the OP’s post is just wishful thinking but going around saying people will never get a beta invite in the next wave because they where invited to the stress test makes no sense at all and is a ton of extra work for Blizzard for no reason.